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Spooktacular Foodie Finds for Halloween

by Evangeline Davis

Halloween is primarily known for its child-oriented food items, but these Foodie Finds are for grown-up kids of all ages!

Mini waffle maker makes pumpkin shaped waffles for Halloween

DASH Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker, $24.99

With over 200,000 reviews on Amazon, this 4” mini waffle maker is a must-have kitchen tool. The adorable single-serve waffle maker in festive, bright orange makes mini pumpkin-shaped waffless perfect for Halloween breakfast with… what else? Pumpkin butter! (Available in multi packs to make more than one waffle at a time.) Get one on Amazon.

Skull shaped ice mold for whiskey, Halloween gift

Williams Sonoma Skull Ice Mold Set, $19.95

A hosting gift for whisky aficionados and Halloween fans alike, this set of two novelty ice molds serves up skull-shaped whisky stones will make any cocktail feel a bit more bone-chilling. Large skull cubes melt slowly, keeping the drink cold longer. For added spookiness, check out the companion glasses etched with skull and crossbones. Find it at Williams Sonoma.

Halloween themed bamboo serving utensils in a bonus storage container

Halloween Bamboo Serving Utensils, $16.01

Why stir chicken soup when you can brew up a potent potion? Anytime you cook, it’ll feel like conjuring a spell with this set of bamboo Halloween spoons. Lightweight, eco-friendly bamboo won’t scratch your hands or pans, and the six-piece set comes with a bonus storage canister. Grab on at

Melt these sugar cubes in the spirit of your choice for a Halloweek cocktail!

Teaspressa Dark and Bold Minute Cocktail Sugar Cube Trio, $30

Sugary candy? Save that for the little ones. Drop one of these wondrous cubes into a shot of booze, wait a minute, stir, and drink up! Hand-infused with concentrated cocktail ingredients like spiced cherry and Angostura bitters, vermouth extract, and spearmint leaves, these miraculous little sugar cubes make instant, delicious Manhattans, Old-Fashioneds, and Mojitos. Find them at


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