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Foodie Finds for the Holiday Season

By Evangeline Davis 

This article first appeared in the December 2023/January 2024 issue of eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI magazine.

The holidays are here, which means lots of great foodie finds for the holidays are flooding the marketplace! We've collected some of our favorites for your consideration:

foodie finds holiday oranges

Hale Holiday Gift Collection, $39.99 

This fruit and snack variety box is a customer favorite and a can’t-miss gift. Treat loved ones to Hale’s premium seedless grove navel oranges and easy-peel honey-sweet tangerines for a healthy snack that tastes indulgent. satisfy your salt and crunch cravings with our deluxe mixed nuts and fruit and nut snack. For something even sweeter, we’ve added foil-wrapped chocolates. Find them at

foodie finds holidays eat what you watch

Eat What You Watch Cookbook, $25 

It’s quiz time, movie buffs. Take movie night to the next level with this one-of-a-kind cookbook that lets you eat what you watch. It has 41 recipes for dishes seen on the big screen, such as blueberry pie from the film “Stand By Me,” hazelnut gelato from “Roman Holiday,” and double-decker New York style pizza inspired by “Saturday Night Fever.” It makes a delightfully unexpected gift for movie lovers and foodies alike. Give the gift of movies at

foodie finds holidays e wine class

e-Wine Class from the San Francisco Wine School, $100 and up 

Wine education is the gift that lasts a lifetime! From “Intro to French Wines” to “California Wines 101” to “Beer and Sake” to “Spirits” to “Coffees and Teas of the World,” the San Francisco Wine School e-Gift Cards are the perfect choice for the food & wine enthusiast in your life.

Even for experienced wine professionals, the gift of continued learning will still inspire them. (Don’t see the amount you want? Email for custom orders.) 

foodie finds holidays pasta with grandma

“Pasta with the Grandmas” Class, $32 per person 

Even if you’re not on vacation in Italy today, you can still experience what Italy has to offer — pasta! In this 90-minute online class taught by “Nonna” herself, pick a day (each day of the week follows a different pasta recipe), round up the ingredients, and follow along. You’ll cook pasta from scratch, and Grandma will share her culinary secrets and the traditional authentic pasta technique. (She’ll also tell stories and get you involved in her community!) Find out more at 

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