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Fun Foodie Finds for Mother's Day

As always, we've curated a fun collection of culinary tools, experiences, and just-plain-fun items. This edition celebrates Mother's Day!

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, $8.99

This microwave cleaner is a charming, quirky, cute gift for Mother’s Day. Add a little water and vinegar into this hilarious momma, pop her into the microwave, and let the steam streaming from her head loosen all the gunk in the microwave for an easy wipe-down finish. Find her on Amazon.

Bread Warming Blanket, $32

The best thing to happen for sliced bread, this blanket keeps your favorite loaf warm and fresh for much longer than the traditional napkin. The secret is in the microwaveable flax seed-filled pack which slips into the blanket’s pouch. Choose between basket pattern or classic white. Made in USA. Grab one at Uncommon Goods.

Bee’s Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps, $16.99

Made with certified organic cotton, responsibly sourced beeswax, certified organic plant oils, and tree resin, this durable, yet pliable plastic wrap alternative can be used again and again. Multiple patterns and sizes. Set of 3 (medium) available on Amazon.

DIY Raindrop Cake – Molecular Gastronomy Kit, $38

Recreate the dessert that took social media by storm! How does it taste? Well, that’s up to you. Once you’ve followed the step-by-step instructions, the translucent treasure becomes a blank canvas where the sky’s the limit for toppings and flavor combinations. Available from Uncommon Goods.

Butter Board Seasoning Kit, $36

The butter board is a luscious trend with a flavorful twist from this expertly blended kit. Seasoned butters are delicious on their own as a spread, topping, or addition to your favorite recipes. The kit comes with recipes along with wax paper and twine so you can store or gift your well-seasoned specialties. Find it at Uncommon Goods.

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