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Foodie Finds for Oktoberfest

by Evangeline Davis

With the beautiful beer drinking festival Oktoberfest happening across our great nation, you may want to get into the mood with some beer-themed accessories. Any of these fun foodie items is sure to please your beer-loving friends!

Personalized beer chiller sticks, perfect for Oktoberfest

Personalized Beer Chiller Sticks by Oakdene Designs for Etsy, $33.89

Unless you’re a full-blooded German, it doesn’t get much worse than drinking warm beer, and these beer chiller sticks ensure that it won’t ever happen again. Place these personalized stainless-steel sticks in your freezer for at least 45 minutes, and then pop them directly into any bottle of room-temperature beer to chill your beverage within mere seconds. Ah, the beauty of science! Find them at

Beeropoly game, fun to play at Oktoberfest

Beeropoly Board Game, $35

This hopped-up game of Beeropoly is a great way to get all beer lovers involved. This game invites players to indulge in their favorite brews while completing a series of beer challenges such as busting out your best dance moves or playing a classic round of Never Have I Ever. Roll the dice and complete the challenge or risk elimination. Of course, the playing tokens are beer caps! Get the game on Etsy.

Wooden beer cap map shaped like state of Mississippi - a great Oktoberfest gift idea

Skyline Workshop Beer Cap State Map, $39.99

Ideal for the beer buff who loves to travel and explore, this state-based Beer Cap Map includes 70 empty slots to fill with the bottle caps of your most beloved brews. Smooth, sturdy, and made of polished maple, it makes a great gift for collectors. Choose the Mississippi state option and crack open a cold one! Available on Amazon or Skyline

Beer infused hot sauces in Asian sriracha, garlic serrano and roasted chipotle. Each infused with beer, just in time for Oktoberfest!

Beer-Infused Hot Sauce (3 Pack Variety), $26.99

A great option for the foodie and beer geek in your life! Made with real beer, this hot sauce pack comes with three different flavors: Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, and Roasted Chiptole. They all have a different level of spice, so your beer-loving friends can add a little oomph to their favorite foods. Try these delicious sauces on barbecue, meats of all kinds, and even veggies. Available on Amazon.


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