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Fabulous Foodie Finds: Campfire Cookin'

With fall on the horizon and temperatures (hopefully) dropping in the next couple of months, many of us are looking forward to camping trips, tailgating or even backyard bonfires. If you’re not one for outdoors-ing, but you know someone who is, this list is a perfect gift guide to buying for the avid camper in your life. No matter what you have planned this autumn, these gadgets are perfect for upgrading and simplifying your outdoor cooking.

Folding Camping Table, $69.99

Table, prep station and storage all in one place. This folding table from Amazon is ideal for camping and tailgating, making prep work and cooking a breeze. With the extra counter-like space, meals made on the go just got 10 times easier.

This compact table has the added bonus of an insulated cooler cubby; store meat, veggies or cold drinks and keep them cool without worrying about whatever heat Mississippi may throw our way.

Find this table and others like it at

Ozark Trail Tripod Grill, $22.88

Have an open fire pit but no adjustable grill? No problem. This tripod grill sold at Walmart is the answer you’re looking for. With a sizeable 17-inch diameter, grill anything from large portions of meat, vegetables or aluminum trays. Adjust the grill height to your liking with the shock-corded steel legs to ensure that you can get the char you’re looking for or the low and slow cooking technique you need.

This grill also comes with its own carrying bag, making it an easily packable asset for every camping or tailgating weekend.

Find this tripod grill at

Woods Nootka Anodized 5-pc Camping Cook Set, $45

For those who do a lot of open-fire cooking, this anodized cooking set is the answer to your prayers. This 5-piece cook set includes two pots, one frying pan, two cups, one universal gripper that works with any pot or pan and a dishcloth. The cookware is made of anodized aluminum, making it stick-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. This set is ideal for two campers.

Find this set at

Percolator, $36.95

Camping with coffee fiends, or consider yourself one? This percolator from GSI Outdoors is your ticket to keeping your camp caffeinated. This enamelware pot brews 12 cups of great-tasting, old-fashioned java. Built from heavy-gauge steel with a classic speckled enamel finish, every piece has been kiln-hardened twice at 1000 degrees F to stand up to scratches and chipping. An unbreakable resin cap lets you view the joe as it perks.

Find this percolator at

Cast-Iron Skillet, $27.95

Would it really be a camping gadget list if we didn’t include a skillet? Although most devoted campers already keep this useful tool in their arsenal, it’s not a bad idea to add another to your collection. These skillets are great for searing, sauteing, frying or even making dips thanks to the cast iron's ability to evenly distribute high heat. This 10.5-inch cast-iron skillet from REI is perfect when cooking for two to three people or making a dip to share with the camp.

Find this skillet and more at

Campfire Popcorn Maker, $52.70

Love fresh popcorn? How about fresh popcorn popped over the open fire? This vintage-style popcorn maker from Mud Pie can be used over your hearth, campfire or barbecue to cook up a classic tasty treat without the added chemicals and artificial flavors found in many microwaveable bagged popcorns.

This 2-piece steel popper features a removable lid and extended metal and mango wood handle, complete with a suede hanging strap for convenient storage. The safe, 27" length keeps your hand far from the heat. Bowl and lid measure 7"H x 7"W.

Find this popcorn maker listed on

Campfire Gloves, $13.99

An accessory most of us don’t think about, packing a pair of gloves for campfire handling is a necessity—especially when cooking! These grilling gloves are made of top-level Aramid Fabric and imported yarn, making them heat resistant (up to 1472°F) and more cut resistant than leather. The non-slip silicone design helps you keep a grip while handling hot off the flame foods and bakeware. Made to be one-size-fits-all, these gloves fit most men and are a bit loose for most women, so be sure to double-up if you need a snugger fit.

Find these gloves on

Collapsible Sink, $24.99

The main drawback with outdoor cooking is the impossible number of dirty dishes. And if you’re not near a water spigot, that means washing them in camp bathrooms. However, this two-pack of collapsible sinks is perfect for rinsing and washing right on your campsite. Simply fill the basin with water, drop dishes and utensils in as needed, and wash up after your meal.

Find this set of two collapsible sinks at


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