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Hop to Ridgeland for Springtime Fun

Off the historic Natchez Trace Parkway just north of the capital city, Ridgeland is a vibrant boutique town perfect for a spring getaway. With 17 hotels and over 150 restaurants, there is no shortage of ways for visitors to explore.

Premier Shopping Ridgeland’s retail districts offer some of the finest shopping in Mississippi. Boutiques, galleries, and antique stores are located from one end of the city to the other. Stroll the old-world style streets of Renaissance at Colony Park and the new urbanist Township at Colony Park, then explore Jackson Street and the Bill Waller Craft Center gallery.

Parks & Trails Ridgeland is Mississippi’s ultimate cycling destination, and it’s not just for the historic Natchez Trace Parkway that runs through the city. Multi-use walking and biking trails, BMX tracks and year-round cycling events attribute to Ridgeland’s status as an ABA Bronze Level “bike-friendly” community.

Foodie Flavors With over 150 restaurants, Ridgeland is a food lover’s dream. From southern cooking family-style to fine fusion cuisine, the city is bursting with locally sourced flavors. Try CAET seafood + oysterette by chef Derek Emerson, or one of the eateries that earned Ridgeland the reputation of Steakhouse Capital of Mississippi.

Barnett Reservoir

Water meets wonderful along the 33,000 acres of the Barnett Reservoir. Featured as a stop on the Mississippi Crappie Trail, “the Rez” provides a haven for boaters, kayakers, anglers, paddle boarders, picnickers, and birdwatchers. Bring your own gear or schedule a rental from Main Harbor Marina or Pearl River Kayaks.

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