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Raise Your Glass: Classic Mint Julep

By Rebecca Fending

With summer nearly here here and a long, sweltering season of socializing ahead, many of us may be looking for a refreshing and easy cocktail to serve. Whether it’s for guests or just for yourself on a sunny day, a classic mint julep is just what’s needed in order to power through the heat.

The mint julep is said to have been born in Virginia during the 1700 or 1800s. Typically enjoyed during or after breakfast before the day really started to warm up, Virginian socialites made this cocktail with rum or brandy. Nowadays, the drink is most commonly concocted with whiskey or bourbon to further differentiate it from its cousin, the mojito.

Mississippi is home to a number of distilleries that produce award-winning bourbon; Cathead, Crittenden and Wonderbird Spirits, to name a few. I highly recommend fixing this cocktail with a Magnolia made spirit, though we promise not to think less of you if you stick with a favorite out of state bourbon.

Classic Mint Julep

  1. Place mint and sugar in the bottom of your preferred glass. Muddle until sugar is dissolved and mint is very fragrant.

  2. Add your bourbon and fill the glass with crushed ice. Stir until glass is frosted or very cold to the touch

  3. Garnish with extra mint and enjoy!

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