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Sanderson Farms Celebrates Women in Agriculture

LAUREL, Miss - From the farm to the conference room, women are thriving in all facets of the agriculture industry. As the industry is challenged to produce more food more efficiently, female professionals are answering the call. Women producers now make up 36 percent of farmers, a 27 percent increase from 2012, according to the latest Census of Agriculture. Women account for 46 percent of Sanderson Farms employees, 28 percent of the management team, and 40 percent of board members.

First launched in 2018, Sanderson Farms' Women in Agriculture series seeks to spotlight hard-working professionals in vital roles across the company. While these women come from different life, educational, and career backgrounds, they all bring invaluable contributions to the industry. Each week during the month of August, Sanderson Farms will release a new Women in Agriculture profile on its corporate blog and social media platforms.

"With so many dedicated and highly skilled women making a different at Sanderson Farms, it only made sense to continue this campaign," said Hilary Burroughs, Director of Marketing. "We hope their stories will help people understand the variety of opportunities within the agriculture industry."

Kimberly Jefferson, Laboratory Quality Manager, will be featured first.

"At this company particularly, your success depends upon your work ethic and your merit," said Jefferson. "In my experience, as women, we are driven and good at multi-tasking. Everyone has their place at Sanderson Farms, and we all fit together and work as a team."

Upcoming features include Sanderson Farms employees Dr. Robin Gilbert, Veterinarian; Ashley Fontenot, Division Manager, Production; and Hope Rendon, Field Employee Relations Manager.

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