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Smart Tips to Keep Your Grill Clean and Safe

Nothing beats barbecues, block parties, and al fresco dining. For your family's safety and for the sake of your grill, here are some pointers on keeping that grill well-maintained all season.

Visual Check

Ensure your grill is still in good working order after the off-season by giving it a once-over. Remember to turn off the gas and tank valves before getting started. Check whether all of its components are intact, including gas hoses. Also, determine whether the tank is full.

Keep in mind that many grills come with a warranty, and you may be able to replace worn out parts without needed to buy a brand new grill entirely.

Quick Clean-Up

When it comes to the grates, experts recommend using tools that allow you to skip the brush and the elbow greast to save some time and energy.

"Spray a concentrated multipurpose cleanser over your grill's grates evenly, wait a few seconds to give the grease time to break down, then gently wipe the area down with a sponge," says TV contractor Jeff Devlin, who uses Mean Green on his grill. The spray, which was recently named by Real Simple Magazine as the best Multipurpose Spray, is available at Walmart and other retailers.

Other Considerations

A deep clean is important once or twice a season. However, after each use, you can keep debris and build-up from becoming a bigger problem with a quick spot clean. One important area you don't want to neglect is the bottom of the grill, where ash and grease build-up is likely to occur. Scrape out this section regularly.

You can better protect your grill from the elements and guard against rusting by covering it after each use. If possible, use the cover provided by the manufacturer, as it is designed to best fit your grill.

This season, take great care of your grill. With the right tools on hand, you can streamline your routine.

Courtesy of StatePoint Media

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