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Candy Village at Hilton Jackson Sets the Mood for the Holiday Season

The Hilton Jackson Hotel is in the holiday spirit with a Candy Village displayed in the hotel lobby. Crafted from more than 44 pounds of buttercream icing and featuring nearly all edible ingredients, the Candy Village at Hilton Jackson Hotel welcomes the holiday season.

A sugarplum vision of the hotel director of sales, Cindy Brinson, and crafted in the sales office by her and members of her team, the Village was originally designed to serve as the competition entry in an internal holiday decor contest within the hotel management corporate headquarters.

Poised in the hotel lobby (and filling the air with the delicious smells of the confections), the Village is generating buzz from hotel guests and area residents. The design includes replicas of the Hilton Jackson Hotel and the Jackson Governor’s Mansion. The church features dried butter beans and tie-dyed fruit roll-ups with a Wrigley’s gum roof and sugar cone steeple.

Amidst the holiday parties and guests on-property, the Candy Village is standing out among ‘standard’ Christmas decorations. The Hilton Jackson Hotel invites locals to enjoy the spirit of the season while checking out the Candy Village with a seasonal Milk Brandy Punch from Drago’s in-hand. Be sure to stop by and see it this year before it's gone!

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