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Top 6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Whiskey

Any good whiskey is more of a delightful drink in which you enjoy drinking with your close associates or celebrating any special occasion. Also, whiskey caters to some meaningful health benefits. Many healthy antioxidants come tightly packed in the form of whiskey, which protect your body. Read below to learn about the top six health benefits of whiskey:  

Stay in shape 

Choosing whiskey over beer, red or white wine or any other alcoholic drink leads to fewer calories. Most of the whiskeys, from Irish cream to bourbon rye or scotch, have an ideal amount of sugar content. The actual calories starts to add-on once you mix your favorite golden drink with an amount of Coke or other mixer. So, it is always recommended to stick to your regular whiskey, preferably a small peg without any add-ons like water or soda.  

You can also enjoy the high-quality scotch Johnnie Walker by just adding a few ice cubes. Let the sharp notes of the sweetness of honey and dash of clove, wood and butterscotch linger in your mouth. It also curbs your hunger and helps you stay slim. Try having your drink at the fag-end of your meal, which ensures that you restrict your food consumption. 

Whiskey prevents heart ailments

  Enjoying a drink of whiskey can reduce blood clots while decreasing the chances of heart attacks or strokes. The antioxidants present in any whiskey inhibit the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries while promoting the health of good cholesterol. Try consuming whiskey in small quantities to elevate the HDL levels in the bloodstream and creating a protective layer against any heart ailments.  

Stops the growth of cancerous cells 

Whiskey carries one of the significant anti-oxidants, namely ellagic acid, which helps fight against the growth of cancerous cells inside the body. Ellagic acid protects the body's DNA from coming in contact with various compounds that may cause the spread of cancer cells. On similar chemotherapy lines, whiskey curbs the corrosion that typically occurs to body cells by forming a protective layer.  

Relaxes body, soul and mind 

A drink of whiskey any day can have a positive effect on your body, soul and mind, especially amidst a hectic schedule. Whiskey tends to release the stress, strain and anxiety that you undergo on a daily basis. It increases the circulation along with oxygenated blood flow into all the internal organs systematically. Thus a single shot of this golden glory will help you regain control by keeping you calm and composed.  

Improves mental health 

Scientific research has successfully proven the positive effects of the sun-gold drink in reducing the risk of development of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The brain's health improves, catering to a progressive impact on the body. 

A few pegs of whiskey every week can also help in keeping your mind active. The antioxidants preventing dementia along with Alzheimer's aid your memory. So, follow moderate drinking to keep the brain functioning and increase the retention of short term memory. Too much of the same might result in a lapse of memories for the short term. 

A healthy digestive system  

It is an age-old belief that consuming whiskey after dinner has several health benefits. It assists in the improvement of the digestion of the entire food while getting the inflow of fresh blood towards the stomach and new internal organs. Therefore, it aids the relaxation of the body as the whole system and results in faster digestion of the food. 

Drinking whiskey may be the better choice for a diabetic person when it comes to alcoholic beverages. You can also fight against diabetes by sipping a few small pegs. The same comes without any presence of carbohydrates and sugar. So, when you consume it in a neat form, it does not induce any adverse effect on the body's sugar levels. It also stands as a smart choice for those who try to lose weight and follow a low to a no-carb diet. A couple of drinks of the same will keep your mind active and your body devoid of any extra sugar or associated carbohydrates.  

Drink your whiskey in moderation and responsibly to stay fit throughout life. While drinking whiskey, you should get the know-how of the spirit's flavor and the associated health benefits. Nonetheless, a couple of neat whiskeys will always keep you hale and hearty for an extended period.  

Author’s Bio:  Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer and guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills and understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing and sharing her knowledge mostly in the traveling industry. She believes traveling is the key to a peaceful life and wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves traveling and reading. 

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