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The Food Factor Makeover: French Toast

by Natasha Haynes, Mississippi State University Extension Service

I love to spend more time making breakfast on the weekends. But most familiar breakfast foods have a lot of extra calories.

Traditionally, French toast recipes include white bread, eggs, butter and/or oil, and maple syrup. This French toast makeover substitutes whole wheat bread for white bread, mashed banana for the egg, and cooking spray for the oil. As long as you top it with fruit instead of butter and maple syrup, this French toast has a fraction of the calories compared to the traditional option.

Tip: Mash the bananas by themselves in the bowl before you add the milk. It’s not as messy. (We learned the hard way!) Our bananas weren’t overly ripe, so we switched to a potato masher. The goal is a smooth mixture for dipping the bread.

The Food Factor Makeover: French Toast

1 large or two small ripe bananas 3/4 cup low-fat milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon Cooking spray 6 slices whole wheat bread

With a fork or potato masher, mash bananas together with milk, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Spray skillet with cooking spray and turn on medium heat.

Dip one slice of bread at a time in banana mixture. Let excess mixture drip off, and place bread in skillet.

Cook until golden brown, and then gently flip to the other side.

Optional: Top with extra cinnamon.

Thanks to our friends at Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Live Well Alabama program for this great makeover idea and printable recipe.

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