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Summertime Recipe Roundup

by Ms. Susan M. Collins Smith, MSU Extension Service

Photo by Canva Pro

Whether your summers are filled with activities or dedicated to relaxation, these recipes from The Food Factor can help you make meals and snacks a breeze.

If you need breakfast on the go, these low-cost Breakfast Burritos can be made ahead and frozen for a quick, protein-filled meal.

Don’t like to eat heavy meals in the summer? These refreshing Sunshine Roll-ups are great for lunch or dinner. They can be made with store-bought rotisserie chicken if you need a shortcut.

Salad is a light, quick meal that can help you get your quota of fruits and vegetables for the day. This summer, try a fresh kale salad. Natasha shows you How to Make Kale Salad without the chewiness and bitter flavor.

Need a few more ideas for lunch? Qula has some tips to get a nutrient-filled meal in the middle of the day without a lot of fuss. Let’s Do Lunch!

Even in the summer, the slow cooker can be your friend. It won’t heat up the house like the oven can. These Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken Sliders don’t call for a lot of ingredients and can be healthy if you choose a low-sugar barbecue sauce.

For a light, cool dessert, try a yogurt and berry parfait with fresh, seasonal fruits. Natasha shows you How to Make a Berry Parfait of your own.

Speaking of seasonal fruits, this Fire and Ice Watermelon Salad is perfect for you if you like to add salt to your melons!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! If you aren’t a fan of plain water, try making your own infused version with any combination of fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. Try one of these 3 Flavored Water Recipes to Beat the Heat.

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