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Montecito, Calif.  (June 24, 2020) - With summer officially in full bloom, Steep Echo Tea from Bel Lavoro Orchards announces the perfectly refreshing Boozy Summer Stir, Shake & Sip Series. Featuring three new cocktail concoctions created with their caffeine-free olive leaf tea blends. Steep Echo aims to showcase tea as the main ingredient for unique, summertime cocktails.  First in the new series of recipes is the Steep Echo Bloom Gin Gimlet, followed closely by the refreshing Steep Echo Ginger Hush Fizz and the Steep Echo Tend Tea-Tini to be released in July.  With their all-natural olive leaf teas serving as the base for each cocktail, the Bloom  Gin Gimlet features Steep Echo’s distinctive Bloom tea; an immune-boosting blend that fuses organic olive leaf with Peppermint, Echinacea Root, Licorice Root, Thyme, Rosemary and Natural Cranberry Flavor. 

The recipe is as simple as it delicious. Add to the Bloom iced tea blend, Thai basil springs, lime, honey/sugar, Gin and ice:

  • Brew Steep Echo Bloom tea in a small pot using two sachets

  • Steep tea for several hours and let cool (2-3)

  • Muddle lime, herbs and honey (or sugar) in a cocktail shaker

  • Add ice, Bloom tea and Gin

  • Shake and Pour (garnish of choice)

“There is a preconception that tea is meant to be a more serious beverage and only sipped hot or on it’s own over ice, but we discovered that our all natural tea blends make for the perfect ingredients for summertime imbibing,” notes Bel Lavoro owner Kimberly Branum. “We came up with this idea of Steep Echo Tea cocktails so we could showcase our tea’s versatility and depth of flavors that pair so great with different alcohol categories.” Featuring five caffeine free blends (Tend, Ascent, Bloom, Hush and Repose) that have been tailored to match any moment. Steep Echo is one of very few tea makers worldwide to exclusively use the olive leaf for its production.   Each of the Steep Echo Teas brings together hand-harvested organic olive leaf with a collection of natural botanicals curated by the best artisans in the trade. The fusion of these ingredients thoughtfully presents a rare blend of detail, depth and nuance that elevates each flavor and accentuates the health benefits of the olive leaf. 


For more information about Bel Lavoro and their olive oil and olive leaf tree brands visit:

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