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Slow Cooker Recipe Round-Up

by Ms. Susan M. Collins-Smith, MSU Extension Center

Slow cookers can help you prepare meals when you are short on time or when you need to free up the oven for other dishes. Photo by CanStock/amyinlondon

Slow cookers are great for quick and easy meals any time of year. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, this small appliance can help you when you are too busy to cook or you need to free up oven space when you’re cooking a large meal.

Check out these recipes from The Food Factor previously featured on the blog.

Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken Sliders will be a hit with the family, and you can decrease the sugar content depending on the barbecue sauce you choose.

Try “Baked” Potatoes in the Slow Cooker. They’re great as a side dish, but we like to make loaded baked potatoes at my house as an easy main dish. Choose veggies and a little low-fat cheese for toppings.

Your slow cooker also is great for making desserts. This Slow Cooker Berry Cobbler will win over fans of this quintessential Southern dessert.

Slow Cooker Cranberry Pork Roast might just be your new go-to holiday main dish. Cranberries add flavor, Vitamin C, and fiber to a lean pork roast without lots of calories.

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