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Seasonal Recipes From Chef Cole Ellis

Football Season is here, and James Beard Award nominated Chef Cole Ellis shares his favorite appetizer to serve during football season, Mississippi Sin Dip. Served in a sourdough bread bowl, this warm and cheesy dip is a fan favorite!

Mississippi Sin Dip


- 1-1/2 cups sour cream

- 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese

- 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese

- 3/4 Cup cooked ham, finely minced

- 1 can diced green chiles

- 1/2 cup sweet white onion

- 1/8-1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

- 1 large sourdough boule, unsliced (round loaf)

Mix sour cream and cream cheese together until creamy.

Add shredded cheddar, minced ham, chopped green chiles, diced onion, and Worcestershire sauce.

Cut a thin slice from the top of the bread, carefully hollow out the round loaf.

Fill hollowed bread with dip and cover with the top sliced off earlier.

Wrap the filled loaf in aluminum foil, store in refrigerator until ready to serve, OR to serve warm, bake in the oven at 350 degrees F for one hour.

Serve with cocktail breads, crackers, celery, or dipping tool of choice!


With Dove season arriving and the holiday season just around the corner, Chef Cole Ellis’s Hoover Dove Sauce is perfect for this time of year.

Hoover Dove Sauce


- 15 whole plucked dove breasts (quail or Pheasant) - 6 garlic cloves, minced - salt and black pepper - 6 ounces Maytag Blue Cheese - 15 cherry peppers or jalapenos, cut in half - 2 pounds thin sliced DMM Brown sugar Cured- Pecan Smoked bacon, cut in half - Hoover sauce - Fistful of chopped green onions

With a paring knife, separate breasts from breast bones to make 30 lobes.

Sprinkle very lightly with minced garlic and salt and pepper.

Take a breast lobe, blue cheese, and a cherry pepper and wrap in bacon. Secure with a toothpick. Grill over pecan or charcoal for 3 to 5 minutes, then turn and continue grilling until bacon is crisp. Garnish with green onion.

Serves 8 to 10.

Chef suggests serving with Hoover Lee Sauce.

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