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Food Factor: Spinach Dip Makeover

By Ms. Natasha Haynes, MSU Extension Service

Whether you are tailgating or celebrating your favorite team at home this fall, food is always a part of the festivities.

If you want to have some lighter fare at your gathering, this Spinach Dip Makeover will fit perfectly. Using Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise cuts the fat and provides some filling protein.

Try the dip with veggies, including bell peppers, carrots, and celery, instead of the usual chips or crackers.

Remember to return this dip to the refrigerator or cooler within two hours of enjoying it. This will keep it out of the danger zone for bacteria that can cause food-borne illness.

You can also divide it into smaller bowls that can be nestled into a larger bowl filled with ice. You can swap out the small bowls periodically to keep the dip cold.

Spinach Dip Ingredients:

- 1 package frozen spinach, thawed, 10 ounces - 1/2 cup low-fat sour cream - 1 cup plain Greek yogurt - 1 package vegetable dip mix, 1 ounce - 1 teaspoon dill weed - Vegetables for dipping, such as carrots, bell pepper slices, celery, and broccoli

Squeeze thawed spinach with paper towels to remove extra liquid.

Mix together all ingredients.

Cover and chill for 20 minutes.


Visit our friends at Alabama Cooperative Extension System for a printable recipe.

Extension Publication 3328, “Tailgating Food Safety,” has in-depth information about everything you need to know, from how to set up a handwashing station to how to store leftovers when you tailgate or enjoy food outdoors.

You’ll likely be packing a cooler, so check out our previous blog post to learn How to Keep Food Safe in a Cooler.

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