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Flora Butcher's Specialty Meats Expanding Into Wild Game

For the last four years, Mississippians have come to recognize their good fortune by having access to prime Wagyu steaks and locally sourced chicken, pork and lamb via The Flora Butcher. The priority of owner Chef David Raines has been to offer his loyal customers the finest in specialty meats. Customers are not limited to Mississippi, but also travel from Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee and Arkansas for The Flora Butcher experience.

In the last year, with all the challenges faced during the pandemic, The Flora Butcher has proven to be an unfailing source for quality farm-to-table products while supermarket meat counters stood empty. People quickly realized the vulnerability of our food chain when big box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club, along with their neighborhood Kroger, were forced to limit purchases of beef, pork and chicken. Because of local sourcing, The Flora Butcher’s shelves remained fully stocked. People responded to the shops availability, attracting hundreds of new customers compared to the previous year.

With the new year, Chef Raines expands his “Specialty Meats” philosophy to include more wild game. The shop already offers geese, alligator, quail and rabbit. Now, the meat counter includes elk burgers. Beginning in February, you can also purchase Nilgai Burgers and chops. Both elk and Nilgai burgers are enhanced by mixing in Wagyu fat.

For those unfamiliar with the Nilgai, they are largest Asian antelope weighing up to 700 pounds. Originally found in Northern India where they have been hunted for some 8,000 years. The Nilgai were first introduced to the United States in the 1930s via the King Ranch in Texas. The initial herds quickly spread and the species can now be found throughout the Lone Star State.

In addition to offering a wide variety specialty meats and game, The Flora Butcher has also been the destination for discerning hunters who have come to recognize The Flora Butcher as the best in game processing thanks to their recipe of mixing Wagyu fat in their ground and sausages. Venison is not sold in the shop… yet. Future products will include bison and pheasant.

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