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Charming Sweets at Charmed Cakes

By Paige McKay

What started off as just a hobby has since turned into a full-time cake and baked goods business. For Morgan Hartley, founder of Charmed Cakes, baking cakes and sweets is an around-the-clock gig that’s done out of her home. Whether it’s a wedding cake, a birthday cake, cookies or cupcakes for any occasion, Hartley can pretty much do it all.

Hartley stays busy throughout the year creating stunning wedding cakes and birthday cakes for people around the Jackson metro area. Whether you need a cake for a small wedding of 35 or a large wedding of 300, she can get it done. She can even do beautiful and extravagant cakes for any kind of groom: a duck hunter, a Mississippi State fan or a golf fanatic. For brides and grooms, Hartley offers sample platters of cake flavors of your choosing so that you’re able to taste your cake and icing flavor choices before committing to a flavor. Couples get to pick four cakes and four icing flavors to taste, and it makes for the perfect cake tasting session leading up to the big day.

Along with wedding cakes, Hartley also creates beautiful birthday cakes that are custom made to match almost any theme you can think of. Her past work includes a TikTok themed cake, a Harry Styles cake, a JoJo Siwa cake, a Fortnite cake and everything in between. If classic cakes are more your style, opt for the classic white buttercream cakes with roses made of icing. No matter what your dream or vision is, Hartley is sure to make it come to life in the form of a beautiful, delicious cake.

What sets Hartley apart from other bakers and bakeries is her use of all kinds of buttercream icing flavors and her vast variety of cake flavors. Charmed Cakes offers a whopping 20 flavors of cake with classics like French vanilla, chocolate, almond and red velvet, as well as other unique flavors like Oreo cake, coconut cream, cinnamon spice, blueberry cream, chocolate cinnamon and peanut butter silk cake. Complete your favorite cake flavor with one of 23 buttercream icing flavors that range from the classic cream cheese buttercream to chocolate, almond, Biscoff Cookie, peanut butter, cream bouquet, toasted marshmallow, cookie dough and even Nutella buttercream.

Charmed Cakes also offers several specialty cakes. The popular Reese’s Cake is a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream icing and chopped Reese’s between each cake layer. It’s topped with even more Reese’s cups and a chocolate drizzle that’s perfect for any peanut butter and chocolate liver. Or, opt for a S’more’s Cake, Snickers Cake, Blueberry Lemon Cake or Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake—an Oreo cake covered in Oreo cream cheese buttercream icing, chopped Oreos between each layer, and topped with more Oreos and chocolate drizzle.

If cupcakes or cookies are more your speed, Charmed Cakes has you covered. You can get any of the cake and icing flavors made into cupcakes, and Hartley can work her magic to create all kinds of decorative cookies for any occasion.

Charmed Cakes has taken off tremendously in the last couple years, and Hartley is constantly busy with cakes and cookies for every occasion under the sun. If you’d like to use Charmed Cakes for your next event, be sure to contact Hartley early as she is the only person behind her business. She runs a one-man show on top of being a wife and a mom, which is no small feat, so it’s important to get your orders in as soon as possible. Hartley also offers technique and cake decorating classes throughout the year, and you can keep up with those dates and offerings through the Charmed Cakes Facebook page.

To check out her work, visit @charmedcakes on Instagram or Customers can also find a link to order on her Facebook page.

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