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Bar Fontaine Features Spring Favorites in the Delta

Spring has sprung! As the weather gets warmer and the world gets brighter, the new Spring Menu at Bar Fontaine reflects the changes around us, highlighting seasonal preferences and vibrant ingredients.

Featuring classic starters such as soups and salads, Bar Fontaine has incorporated some soon-to-be favorites with its “Chips + Dip” and “Sourdough Pretzels” accompanied by beer mustard. When it is finally time to order your main, choose from an array of options, including Steak Frites and Roasted Gulf Grouper.

Pair your favorite items with a handcrafted cocktail like the Pink Panther, featuring Espolon Blanco Tequila, Lime, Raspberry, and Sparkling Wine or the Sugar Magnolia which features Wonderbird Magnolia Gin that’s uniquely distilled in Taylor, Miss.

Bar Fontaine is home to the only rooftop bar in the Mississippi Delta, so grab some friends and try the new menu for yourself on the patio and soak up the beautiful spring weather.

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