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Add Tom's Tiny Kitchen Pimento Cheese To Your Tailgate Spread

During a pandemic, at-home football watch parties are the new sideline seats. Including Tom's Tiny Kitchen Pimento Cheese in your food lineup is a must if you want to be the real MVP. Never heard of 'em? Let me introduce you.

This family-owned brand came to be when a Memphis, Tenn., native named Tom, of course, was laid off from his job at the age of 61. Once unemployed, the pimento cheese recipe he created for a family picnic soon became his livelihood. The product debuted at a local farmers market in 2011 and has since made its way into grocery stores across 13 states, including over 140 Walmart stores, a few of which are in Mississippi.

Tom is a go-getter, no doubt. He started an entirely new career when he should've been gearing up for retirement! Over the years, he's taken what he's learned through this process and poured that into under-represented entrepreneurs. He has happily mentored dozens of small business owners, especially those with food products, when they've sought his expertise. Mentorship is just part of Tom's new gig.

With SEC football kicking off this weekend, Tom's Pimento Cheese would make for the perfect addition to your tailgate snacks, whether you're hosting the watch party or attending one. Visit to find out where you can get your hands on this delicious pimento cheese.

Courtesy of Brittany Mizell

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