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7 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers In 2020

By Rebecca Siggers

If there’s one way to show your affection and admiration towards someone, it is through gifts. Being the best way to express love without saying a word, people tend to choose it often. However, finding the right gift can be a daunting task, especially for an oenophile. Wine lovers are usually laid back and admire the finer things in life. This makes the selection of gifts quite difficult and cumbersome. Whether to get them a wine and food combo or a novelty wine opener seems to be the biggest dilemma.

Keep reading to know the best seven gift ideas that will surely fascinate your sommelier buddy.

1. Top-Notch Wine Purifier

In case you aren’t sure if the wine lover likes Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc, then this is the right gift. Wine purifiers work with absolutely every wine, be it Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc. You might use it for your vintage Dusse as well. Being an affordable gift for the oenophiles out there, it is a great gifting option for anyone. The wine purifier is best for the drinkers who like to sip it without any chemicals or impurities. With an inbuilt purifier, it helps in filtering out the unnecessary chemicals like sulfites. Most of the purifiers come with an inbuilt selective sulfite technology.

This helps in restoring the actual taste and enriching the wine tasting experience from scratch. The wine purifier emerges to be one of the best picks for you due to its extensive benefits and affordable pricing.

2. Wine Cooler & Aerator

Most wine lovers like to sip on this delicacy chilled and aerated. Such desires call for wine cooler & aerator for all the oenophiles. If you wish to gift your friend a wine-related gift, then consider this one. This will appeal to the bon vivant who doesn't own a cooler yet. This cooler is an exquisite one as it maintains the noble grapes' temperature without any ice or refrigeration. As the product is well-insulated, it doesn't let the coldness evaporate out of the container.

Along with this, the topmost part of the cooler is highly adjustable and suitable for every type of wine. From the sparkling Tuscan wines to the fruity merlots, you can pour and cool every wine with this ecstatic aerator. What makes this wine cooler even better is that it's highly suitable for the beach parties due to the luxurious appeal. Wine lovers can carry this product anywhere without thinking twice.

3. Portable Wine Glass

Wine tasting is always better with fancy and elegant looking glasses. Don’t let your road trips or parties by the outskirts keep you from drinking your spirits without glasses. You must get your oenophile a wine glass that is both portable as well as sturdy. These glasses are crafted with the utmost skill and allow you to make the most of your wine parties.

Due to the unique spill-proof top that doesn't let your wine overflow, you are entirely safe. Another feature of this gift option is that it possesses a double-walled layer for better insulation. That way, you can serve the wine chilled and tasty.

4. Elegant Wine Racks

Let the elegance of a wine bottle speak for itself with the sturdy and attractive wine racks. These racks make the perfect gifting option for someone who likes to collect precious vintage wines. They are perfect for keeping your pricey noble grapes safe and secure. If your friend owns a bar, then this wine rack will improve the appeal instantly.

You can choose from the diverse designs and materials available. While the metallic ones look luxurious, the wooden carved racks are extremely durable and a timeless classic. Choose from countless different styled racks online.

5. Sturdy Wine System

Along with wine tasting, the wine pouring experience has to be enchanting as well. For such purposes, you require a sturdy and commendable wine system. Not only does it enhance the taste of the wine, but it also allows you to pour the spirit without removing the cork. This allows the wine to undergo the required preservation and saves the natural taste. Also, you can pour the desired amount with no hassles.

In case you have a friend who’s serious about their wine tasting experiences, this will make one of the useful gifts. You can find diverse types of wine systems and choose the one that suits your budget and visual preferences.