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Soup's On with the Salvation Army This Sunday

Going on its 23rd year, the Salvation Army is set to host its annual SOUPer Bowl fundraiser on Sunday, Feb. 2, at the Sparkman Auditorium at the Mississippi Ag Museum in Jackson.

As temperatures are dropping, nothing sounds as good as a delicious bowl of soup....unless it's 25 different delicious bowls of soup. Take a look at this menu for the 2020 SOUPer Bowl, and get your tickets today. We know won't want to miss out on trying these satisfying favorites. Plus, every ticket purchases helps The Salvation Army fill the bowls of the hungry in Jackson.

Attendees can taste as many soups and desserts as they please, and they are encouraged to hang out to enjoy entertainment like live music, a silent auction, games, and a tailgate tent from which they can purchase different gifts and goodies to take to Super Bowl parties they might be attending later on in the evening.

Click here for tickets and more info.

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