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How To Pick the Right Muscadine Variety To Grow

If you want to grow muscadines at your home, choosing the right variety can be intimidating. With so many varieties to pick from, how do you know you’re picking the right one?

Dr. Eric Stafne, MSU Extension Fruit Specialist, recommends several different types of muscadines to grow in the home garden or landscape. Here are the top three muscadine varieties he recommends:

  • Carlos – high yielding, bronze skin, medium-sized fruit.

  • Noble – heavy-yielding purple muscadine with fruity flavor.

  • Southern Home – small-to-medium size purple muscadine which adds interest to landscape.

All three varieties are great for making jam, jelly, juice, and wine!

The good news is that muscadines thrive in hot, humid weather, making them perfect for growing in Mississippi. If you want information on how to grow muscadines or how to build a trellis system, check out our Extension publication P2290 “Establishment and Production of Muscadine Grapes.”

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