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Simplify Your Thanksgiving Feast with Meals From The Fresh Market

Thanksgiving is a time for community, appreciation, and delectable food, and whether prepared from scratch, picked up from The Fresh Market’s kitchen, or perhaps a combination of both – the specialty grocer has flavorful holiday feasts covered! This Thanksgiving, The Fresh Market is offering traditional holiday fare, as well as simplified, time-saving solutions for the favorite meal of the year!

For any chef looking to impress this Thanksgiving, The Fresh Market’s holiday guide offers inspiration, meal solutions, fan-favorite recipes, and insider tips and tricks to help create an unforgettable meal at this year’s dinner table. Holiday meal ordering is available now through November 20th at 2 p.m. EST to help simplify meals with easy online ordering.

The Fresh Market’s Thanksgiving Highlights:

The Main Event

The Fresh Market offers a variety of premium meat for the most memorable part of any Thanksgiving feast – the main dish. Fresh, tender turkey, raised in Pennsylvania's Amish country is fed a vegetarian diet and 100 percent antibiotic-free. Never frozen and unmatched in taste and tenderness, The Fresh Market recommends brining its fresh turkey for 24 hours and provides brining tips online. At least one pound of uncooked turkey is recommended per person. After cooking, let the turkey rest for 30 to 45 minutes before carving – the secret to a juicy bird. The hot juices in the turkey must cool and relax back into the meat, and carving it too soon could release them, resulting in a dried-out texture. Invest in a sharp carving set for clean cuts and easy serving. For more time-saving turkey tips, visit

For another traditional entrée, guests can choose sliced honey ham – double-glazed with honey and brown sugar and smoked over hickory hardwood for a sweet, savory flavor. Not only a spotlight-worthy staple, ham sandwiches make perfect Thanksgiving leftovers! Serve hot or cold with a dollop of spicy mustard or horseradish, or pair with warm sweet potato biscuits for mouthwatering ham sandwiches. The Fresh Market’s hams are fully cooked, so all that is left to do at home is heat and serve!

The highlight of many Thanksgiving tables? Turducken. This holiday favorite consists of a boneless duck breast stuffed inside a boneless chicken breast stuffed inside a boneless turkey breast. The birds – made especially for meat lovers – are accented by garlic and herb dressing and delicious Andouille sausage for even more flavor! Roasting times vary, so test the meat with a thermometer in more than one spot to determine the correct temperature and ensure the sensor is truly in the center of the turducken.

Savory Sides

To help guests spend more time relaxing and less time cooking, The Fresh Market offers ready-to-eat side items with quality ingredients like crisp veggies, ripe fruits, and savory spices. Dishes that will make everyone go back for seconds include broccoli pear walnut salad, broccoli cranberry slaw, and roasted butternut squash with pecans.

Pre-Prepped Produce

Pre-sliced vegetables save time and eliminate the work of cutting each individual ingredient. Favorites include fresh veggie noodles, savory stuffing starters, versatile seasonal staples and Mirepoix – The Fresh Market’s house-made blend of chopped carrots, celery, and onions – essential to saving time and easily completing the perfect Thanksgiving dish.

Decadent Desserts

The Fresh Market’s bakery makes it hard to resist indulging in traditional holiday desserts – from ready-to-slice pies, including colonial apple, sweet potato and pumpkin, to show stopping cakes – all crafted with classic, quality ingredients that taste just like home.

Time-Saving Recipes

Maximize oven space with make-ahead meals perfect for the holiday repertoire – fresh and simple, featuring ingredients such as colorful veggies, protein-packed grains and braised greens. The Fresh Market has highlighted three recommended recipes on its Thanksgiving Shortcuts web page. Whip up one of these healthy choices including Swiss rainbow chard with white beans and parmesan; kale and quinoa salad; or celery, fennel and green apple salad with walnut Dijon vinaigrette. For a list of the complete recipes, visit

Guests tight on time and looking for memorable meals with minimal effort will treasure The Fresh Market’s holiday meal ordering program – available online now through November 20th at 2 p.m. EST. Items available for order range from perfectly-cooked turkey made ready to heat and serve, to tasteful side items such as corn soufflé, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry walnut relish. For those who savor the experience of cooking their Thanksgiving meal from scratch, The Fresh Market offers choices such as fresh turkey, beef tenderloin and lamb that can be purchased and prepared at home according to favorite family recipes. All orders can be placed at

Find The Fresh Market’s complete guide of creative ideas and delicious dishes for a flawless feast at

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