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Get Creative With After School Snacks

With back to school season in full swing, parents are getting back into the routine of making healthy after school snacks. It’s no secret that schedules are as hectic as ever, but that’s not stopping parents from taking the time to pack nutritious snacks for their kids. According to a recent survey conducted by Borden® Cheese:

  • two out of three parents pack lunches for their kids

  • More than 65 percent of parents believe nutritious snacks are a must-have when packing those lunches

  • 50 percent of parents identify time or convenience as the primary challenges to offering healthy, nutritious lunches and after-school snacks for their children

Here are a couple healthy, creative recipes on behalf of Borden® Cheese:

Cheese & Apple Sailboats

Set sail after school with an apple and cheese sailboat snack. Cut each slice of tasty cheese diagonally to create two triangles. The triangles will become your sails, toothpicks will make the mast and the apple slice is the boat. Attach the cheese slice to the apple with the toothpick and you have a delicious, nutritious apple and cheese sailboat!

Robot Cheese Sandwich

Recharge your kid’s batteries with this robot shaped sandwich! Quickly turn a plain old cheese sandwich into a fun lunch for your children with two slices of bread, nutritious cheese and just a few quick and easy slices.

Classic Cheese & Crackers

A lunchbox favorite and staple in every kitchen, cheese and crackers are one of life's true snacking pleasures. Take this classic combination up a notch by using cookie cutters to cut the cheese into cute shapes. Even the kids can get involved in creating this easy after school snack!

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