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Elevate Your Burger Game With These Juicy Ideas

With the end of summer sadly in sight, you may be finding your grilling game in need of some fresh inspiration. This weekend, break out the grill and show everyone on the block how your burger reigns supreme. When ordinary condiments just won't cut it, elevate your beef patty with some of these mouthwatering ideas.

Create a Burger Bar (because Bloody Bars are so 2016):

Pick your favorite fresh toppings and invite your guests to mix and match at your very own Burger Bar. From fresh tomato and basil, to candied bacon and cheese, mix up your grilling routine with a fun an interactive bar like this one featured on Peanut Blossom.

Make it a Juicy Lucy:

Stuffed with oozing cheddar cheese, this burger (though occasionally a little messy) does not mess around. Create the best Juicy Lucy by taking two thin beef patties and forming them around a delicious, creamy Borden Cheese Cheddar Chunk.

Dress It Up:

Why cap off your burger with plain ol' ketchup when you can pile your patties with colorful condiments and tasty toppings? Check out the Southern-Inspired BBQ Burger from Borden Cheese, dressed up with American cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion rings!

Whether hosting an informal neighborhood barbecue or whipping up an easy weeknight dinner, it's never too late to up your grill game.

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