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Free Gelato Offered on National Ice Cream Day

What’s better than celebrating National Ice Cream Day with gelato? Free gelato! In its third year, participating Your Pie restaurants are offering free scoops of cold and creamy gelato on Sunday, July 16th, for the Your Pie Family—our faithful customers—and first time visitors.

Just as Your Pie’s wood-fired, brick-oven pizza is inspired by Italy, so is its gelato. Your Pie’s authentic gelato and sorbet boasts recipes hailing from Italy and offering decadent sweet treats to Your Pie customers nationwide. With multiple flavors to choose from, Free Gelato Day offers something sweet to everyone, a taste of Italy right inside your own zip code.

“Your Pie was created from our love of authentic Italian food and family,” said Drew French, Founder and President. “Gelato is the quintessential Italian dessert, and we are proud to offer it as part of our Your Pie dining experience to customers. Sharing our love of gelato with others on Free Gelato Day celebrates our appreciation for the Your Pie Family.” Grab your scoop of free gelato on Sunday at Your Pie in Gluckstadt, located next to the Texaco gas station, across from Germantown High School.

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