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Celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day the Right Way

It’s National Mac and Cheese Day! There’s a reason mac and cheese is one of everyone’s favorite food. There's something about the gooey, cheesy taste of childhood that always hits the spot. This year on National Mac and Cheese Day, forget the blue box and opt for something packed with equal parts flavor and calcium. From bacon-loaded recipes to baked alternatives, each of these rich and creamy variations will have saying “yes, cheese.”

Try it baked:

Elsie's Baked Mac and Cheese from Borden® Cheese with Triple Cheddar and Colby Jack brings loads of creamy, wholesome flavor to this mac and cheese with just a hint of heat. Baked mac and cheese is rich, delicious, and a good source of calcium for your whole family.

Dress it up:

Add finishing touches to your traditional mac and cheese recipe by adding different toppings like broccoli, a fried egg, or even crab, like this grown up mac and cheese recipe from Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen.

Try it in the slow cooker:

Slow and steady wins the race! Making mac and cheese in your crock pot has never been more convenient; you’ll have a creamy, nutritious meal ready on your schedule.

Do it yourself:

It will taste great! Shredding your cheese straight from the fridge will add a rich, creamy flavor that will have everyone fighting to lick the spoon.

Whether baked, slow cooked, or made on the stove top, homemade is always the way to go – especially on National Mac and Cheese Day.

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