Food Factor: Watermelon and Lime Punch

August 26, 2019


In Mississippi, the summer heat goes on forever. If you are ready for a break from the same old beverages, try this tasty and refreshing watermelon punch. You get the health benefits of fruit and hydration at the same time!


Watermelon and Lime Punch

5 cups seedless watermelon, cubed

3 cups water, divided

5-6 mint leaves

1 lime sliced for garnish

1 cup ice


In a blender pitcher, combine watermelon, 1 cup water, and mint leaves until liquefied.

Pour the watermelon mixture into a 2-quart pitcher, add 2 cups of water and 1 cup ice, and stir.


Garnish with thinly sliced lime rings.


Serve or store in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.


If the punch is too thick or pulpy for your taste, use a strainer when pouring the punch into the pitcher. You’ll get a thinner consistency but miss out on the fiber.


I love lime, so I squeezed a little bit of lime juice in the punch, too!


Thanks to our colleagues at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension for this recipe!

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