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So Many National Food Days, So Little Time

by Paige McKay

It seems that every month brings a new "national" day of celebration, whether it's National Cat Day or National Pizza Month. According to Foodimentary, the month of October brings with it several different food days to celebrate, and October is even National Food Month for several foods, too. Celebrate all month long with these recipes to celebrate National Pasta Month, National Potato Day and many more that come with the month of October.

National Seafood Month - all October long

Celebrate National Seafood Month and the fall season with a hearty bowl of Seafood Shrimp Gumbo from The Cooking Bride. This gumbo is full of shrimp, crab meat and oysters and packs in tons of Creole flavor.


National Pizza and Beer Day - October 9

Sometimes, there's just nothing better than stuffing your face with pizza while downing a few pints of your favorite beer. Celebrate accordingly with making your own pizzas. It's usually cheaper and way more fun than ordering delivery or store-bought pizzas. This copycat California Pizza Kitchen Barbecue Chicken Pizza is perfect anytime, but especially on National Pizza and Beer Day.


National Pasta Day - October 17

Whether it's chicken alfredo, baked ziti, shrimp scampi or anything in between, everyone is bound to have a favorite kind of pasta. On this year's National Pasta Day, celebrate with a bowl of this Mississippi Sin Pasta. It combines the goodness of Mississippi Sin Dip into a decadent pasta dish that might become your new favorite way to indulge in noodles.


National Dessert Day - October 14

There are countless desserts out there, but sometimes, there is just nothing better than a classic chocolate chip cookie. These Chocolate Chunk and Chip Cookies are the perfect treat for any chocolate chip cookie lover. And they're even gluten free! Bake these on National Dessert Day and for all the holiday gatherings that are just around the corner.


National Pumpkin Day - October 26

Of course there's a National Pumpkin Day in the month of October, who's surprised? You either love or hate pumpkin flavored things, and if you're a pumpkin lover, try out this Praline Pumpkin Crunch Cake. It might even turn a pumpkin hater into a pumpkin fanatic. It'll make a sweet treat on National Pumpkin Day and all throughout the fall season.


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