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Charcuterie Chick Offers Unique, Delicious Snack Boards to the Greater Meridian Area

by Paige McKay

Charcuterie boards and cheese boards are all the rage at right now, whether it's at a Monday night Bachelorette watch party, baby showers, work parties, engagement parties or just a date night in. If you're not sure where to even begin on creating a beautiful board, Charcuterie Chick, located in Meridian, can do all the work for you.

Memphis native Kaki Knight, who know resides in Meridian with her husband, has always had a deep love of entertaining, and she discovered her passion for creating cheese boards and charcuterie boards back in 2019.

"Every time my husband and I had friends over, I would throw a little grazing board together," Knight said. "After months of hearing, 'you know, you should sell these,' and doing a little research, Charcuterie Chick Mississippi was born."

"I put so much love and thought into each spread I create. It’s been an absolute thrill to grow this small business and be a part of so many special moments in our customers’ lives."

Charcuterie Chick offers several different board and box options, whether you need an individual "lunchable" box or one that feeds up to four, six, eight and even 12 people. If you need one for more than 12 people, Charcuterie Chick can also accommodate larger catering groups.

Knight also offers "Board of the Month" boxes that includes seasonal items specific to each month. For example, during December, the box includes cranberry goat cheese, aged white cheddar, salami, apple horseradish jam, and sugared cranberries.

If you prefer a lunchable (single serving) box, you get your choice of meat, two cheeses, fruit, pickles, olives, nuts, and crackers. You can even add hummus and naan bread for just a couple extra dollars.

If you need a board for several people, Charcuterie Chick has lots of fun and delicious options to choose from, and they're all named after towns in our state. Or, you can even create your own.

For those that love all things spicy, choose the Delta Darling board. It comes stacked with tamale bites, jalapeno poppers, spicy sausage, spicy cheeses and pickled goodies. For the seafood fanatics, choose the Gulf Coast Girl that's filled with shrimp, smoked salmon bites, tuna dip and crab salad. It's served with roasted veggies and French bread for dipping.

If you have a any sort of sweet tooth, the Hattiesburg Honey board is for you. It comes with a cookie assortment, chocolate covered pretzels, fruit, popcorn, brownies and cake - a dessert lover's dream.

We all know someone who has a deep love for bacon, and if you're that person, opt for the Jackson Babe: BLT dip, brown sugar and bacon wrapped bread sticks, bacon jam, and more. If you're into something a little more classic, the Meridian Queen (pictured right) includes all of Knight's favorites: grilled sausage, baked brie, garlic and herb cheese spread and hummus and naan. It even comes with a piece of cake!

The Oxford Miss board includes all things brunch, Starkville Sweetie (pictured below) is a French fry lover's paradise, and the Tupelo Belle is all things Southern - pimento cheese, chicken salad, sausage balls and cheese straws.

All of these boxes/boards are available in small (2-4 people), medium (4-6 people), large (6-8 people) and extra large (8-12 people). All orders come boxed and ready to place on a charcuterie board. Or, you can serve it all straight from the box. If you need a board, you can even request a board to be added on to your order.

Charcuterie Chick is also available at Crooked Letter gift shop in Meridian - you'll just have to check out their Facebook for availability.

If you're in the Meridian area and would like to purchase a fun and delicious charcutier board, you can place an order online at Also be sure to check out the Facebook page for specials, updates on Charcuterie Chick, sales, and more.

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