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Blueberry Webinar Set for January 27th

By Bonnie Coblentz, MSU Extension Service

Blueberry growers and those interested in entering this industry can participate in an online Mississippi State University workshop January 27th.

Register for this MSU Extension Service workshop by Jan. 26 at There is no cost to attend the online workshop, which runs from 2 to 4 p.m. on January 27th.

The webinar will feature three speakers. Lisa Wasko DeVetter from Washington State University will discuss optimizing pollination in blueberry production, with a focus on hive density, placement and landscape features.

Lynn Sosnoskie from Cornell University will talk about successful control of weeds in fruit crops. Weeds directly compete for resources with blueberry bushes, and they can impede harvest, interfere with application of crop protection chemicals, and serve as alternative hosts for pests and pathogens. Interest is growing in novel technologies that reduce the use of pesticides in fruit crops.

Gerando Nunez of the University of Florida will present his work with root growth patterns of southern highbush blueberry grown in pine bark beds. His study on root abundance and nutrient uptake has important implications for blueberry irrigation and fertilization.

MSU is an equal opportunity institution. For disability accommodation or other information, contact Eric Stafne at 601-403-8939 or

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