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60+ Beer Themed Holidays for those Who Adore the Hops & Malt

For those of you who love beer in all its forms and flavors, this list is for you! Compiled from multiple web sources, it lists over 60 beer-themed holidays from across the globe. No matter what the season, no matter what the weather, there's probably a good excuse to drink beer coming up really soon. Cheers!


January 1: National Hangover Day

New Years’ Day is dubbed national hangover day, because it’s a universal unspoken tradition to spend the night before drinking your weight in craft beer (We don’t condone this). But we do hear the best way to get over a hangover is to (moderately) drink more. So grab another beer, and drink your hangover away. (Or try these actual remedies for your hangover.)

January 18: Baltic Porter Day

January 24: Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day is all about appreciating your favorite beer can designs (duh). Head over to your local liquor store, pub, or brewery, and pick up a few of your favorite beers that come in cans! Check out these beautiful beer can designs to help you celebrate!

January 25: Burns Night

January 25 is the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. Robert Burns is known as Scotland’s national bard. Burns Night celebrations are all about eating Scottish food, drinking Scottish beer, and listening to Scottish verses.


February: Stout Month

February 2: Groundhog Day

You might be thinking, “What does Groundhog Day have to do with beer?” It doesn’t! But grab some beer and drink it anyways! Check out these beer hogs to give you some inspiration on what to drink this Groundhog Day.

February 13: Super Bowl Sunday (LVI)

What pairs better together than beer and football? We couldn’t think of an answer either. We know you’ll be drinking your favorite brews this Super Bowl Sunday, but what will you be eating? Here are some beer snacks for the big game so that you can fill up on beer and snacks while you cheer on your favorite team!

February 14: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love…ing beer! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a sweetheart or not, here are some great beers to drink while celebrating the day of love.

February 24: World Bartender Day

Head over to your local pub and grab a beer from your favorite bartender and make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them! If you’re a bartender yourself, then cheers to you! Are you an aspiring bartender? Here are some tips to make sure you’re the best!


March 8: International women’s Collaboration Brew Day

March 17: St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day. Beer. Need we say more?

March 20: Bock