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Sanderson Farms Becomes First Chicken Producer To Introduce Google Home and Amazon Alexa-Activated R

LAUREL, Miss. -- As the holiday season approaches, Sanderson Farms is offering a hassle-free solution to consumers wondering what to make for dinner. The company has spent the summer developing both the first Amazon Alexa-enabled recipe skill and Google Home experience within the chicken industry, allowing consumers to ask their smart speaker how to make dishes, such as garlic Parmesan chicken wings, Mediterranean chicken thighs, and chicken fajitas.

With over 170 Sanderson Farms recipes available, all consumers need to do is enable the skill on any Google Home or Amazon Echo device, and their virtual assistant will walk them through recipe ingredients and directions.

"We wanted to enter into the voice space, as so many other brands are working with Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other smart speakers," said Hilary Burroughs, Sanderson Farms Director of Marketing. "We realized no other chicken producers were utilizing Google Home and Amazon Alexa technology and took this opportunity to be the first."

In addition to the recipe skill, Sanderson Farms is working on additional smart speaker capabilities, such as cooking tips, frequently asked questions, and recipes by cut of chicken. "We eventually want to get to a point where a consumer can open the fridge and tell their smart speaker what they have available, and the smart speaker will suggest a recipe based on those ingredients," continued Burroughs.

"With the Sanderson Farms smart speaker skill, it is our goal to make everyday life easier for consumers," said Lampkin Butts, Sanderson Farms President and COO. "By providing some voice-activated help in the kitchen, users can spend less time googling recipes and flipping through cookbooks, and more time enjoying meals with family and friends."

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