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Celebrate National Red Wine Day

Today is National Red Wine Day! Is there possibly a more "2019" way to celebrate this excuse for a sipping occasion than by ditching the corkscrew and cracking a can?

Archer Roose's canned wines are terroir-driven, sustainably-made, and crafted with a sense of adventure and quality that true red wine lovers will love. The brand has two red wine varietals - a classic Malbec hailing from Mendoza, Argentina - the Malbec capital of the world - and Red Spritz, a low-cal (90), low-ABV sparkling red wine blend that brings a refreshing, crisp twist to red wine without sacrificing quality.

Archer Roose - Malbec A soulful 100% Malbec interpretation brought to you from the high altitude and desert climate of Mendoza, Argentina with flavors of blackberry & cherry. 13.5% ABV.

$16 for a pack of 4. Ships nationwide from Archer Roose - Red Spritz A red wine lover’s answer to the question: “what do I drink in the summer?” This low-ABV, low-calorie dry sparkling red wine is best served chilled – a refreshing summertime accompaniment for a red wine lover’s charcuterie or backyard BBQ. 6% ABV.

$11 for a pack of 4. Ships nationwide from

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