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Join United Way of North Central Mississippi at Jive Turkey Jam

On Thanksgiving week, United Way of North Central Mississippi is grateful for the Jive Turkey Jam, an event dedicated to spreading good cheer and helping our “United We Feed” program in stocking the shelves of needy families in a four-county area. The Jive Turkey Jam will be presented at Hobie’s on Main in downtown Starkville on November 23th and will start at 7:30 in the evening. Event coordinators who have made this event possible are MSU Outreach Director of Business Research and musician Jeffrey Rupp and Hobie Hobart, owner of Hobie’s on Main.

This lively event will feature musicians such as Jonny Hollis of Jonny Hollis Music, Jeffrey Rupp, Dawn Barham, Jim Beaty, Jerry Carnathan, Drew Dierckmann, John Gholston, Jenn Henderson, Walton Jones, Johnny LairdRick, Montalto, Bobby Shannon, Earl Six, Doug Thomas, Evie Vidrine and more. These musicians are well known throughout the area and are performing for this special event with no fee.

All musicians who wish to perform are welcome with music gear provided. Admission is only one bag of canned foods, so this event is perfect if you want to relax and spend time with family and friends while contributing to a beneficial cause in avoiding hunger.

This event is an amazing way to end the holiday week with the company of loved ones by listening to your favorite music, dancing to the sounds of memorable hits, or just relaxing with friends, knowing that you have secured a family’s pantry so that they won’t go hungry during these crucial winter months.

Many contributors have nothing but great things to say about the Jive Turkey Jam. Jeffrey Rupp says this about working with the Jive Turkey Jam: “I've been holding the Jive Turkey Jam for several years now. It's great to be partnering with the United Way. Now all of the musicians who donate their time and all for folks who donate the canned goods know they are genuinely helping feed the community at a critical time of the year."

One of the musicians at Jive Turkey Jam, Jonny Hollis, describes his enthusiasm about the upcoming event: " I am very excited to play the Jive Turkey Jam. It's a blast and an honor to be able to play music with so many friends and fellow musicians while also helping out the local community with a canned food drive. Music and acts of kindness coming together is the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving."

The canned food bags used as admission will further help our “United We Feed” drive into surpassing our goal of 12 tons last year into collecting more than 15 tons this year. With the help of each neighbor supporting the counties of Oktibbeha, Choctaw, Webster, and Winston counties at the Jive Turkey Jam this year, we can make sure that no family goes hungry during the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Adrienne Morris, United Way Board Member and United We Feed co-chair expressed the sentiments of the entire board saying “We appreciate Hobie Hobart, Jeffrey Rupp, and all of the musicians for coming together for Jive Turkey Jam. This event will help collect canned food for United We Feed Food Drive. Jive Turkey Jam is a wonderful example of how strong neighbors help to make our community better and stronger. “

This Thanksgiving week is a time to cherish those around you, and to be thankful for the food and shelter that you have, or more notably, the basic things that some people in our counties unfortunately do not have enough of. From one neighbor to another, make sure to secure a family a meal by donating a bag of canned goods at the Jive Turkey Jam to let them avoid HUNGER, and let them be thankful for your help as you step foot into sharing holiday cheer into the lives of others.

Our goal at United Way at UCM is for every neighbor of our community to be full, fit, and lit, especially during these winter months, so that each member can therefore cause an effect to help others with hunger and other crucial needs. For more information about the Jive Turkey Jam or the “United We Feed” program, contact the United Way NCM office at 662-323-3830, or e-mail

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