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Gordon Ramsay Stops in Greenville in New Episode of "24 Hours to Hell and Back"

Gordon Ramsay recently expanded his portfolio with a new, unscripted series on Fox called Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell & Back, with eight episodes full of restaurant renovations and makeovers. During each episode, Ramsay makes his way across the country in his mobile kitchen, named Hell on Wheels, making stops at restaurants that are just "one bad review away from shutting their doors," according to a statement from Fox. The catch is that Ramsay only has 24 hours to do it.

Ramsay is combining the timed competition element of shows like Iron Chef and Chopped with the already high stress environment of working in a restaurant kitchen. Given that Ramsay is known for his tough love tactics when he's trying to whip a struggling restaurateur or chef into shape, there is bound to be at least one meltdown per episode.

Sherman's Restaurant in Greenville will be featured on the July 11th episode of 24 Hours to Hell & Back as Ramsay and his team attempt to turn things around and save Sherman's from a worst case scenario. Chef Ramsay blew through the doors of Sherman's with no warning and hit the ground running. He redecorated, revamped the menu, and even created new dishes for the restaurant. To see Chef Ramsay's redesign of Sherman's, tune in to Fox on July 11th at 8 p.m. CST.

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