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Overnight Marinated Picnic Sandwich

by Kara Kimbrough

1 long loaf of bread (can be French or other crusty bread)

1-1/2 cups of olive salad (I use Boscoli Italian Olive Salad; found in condiment aisle)

1/3 pound thinly-sliced ham or turkey

1/2 pound thinly-sliced salami

1/3 pound thinly-sliced prosciutto or cooked bacon

1/3 pound thinly-sliced sharp provolone cheese


Slice lengthwise through the top of the loaf of bread (about 1-1/2-inch from top) with a serrated bread knife and remove top. Cut around the bottom section of the bread, being careful not to break through the bottom. Use your fingers to lift out the excess bread from the inside, leaving a hollow bread boat.


Spread half of olive salad along the bottom, followed by 1/3 of the four following ingredients. Repeat two more times, then top with remaining olive salad and close sandwich.


Wrap sandwich tightly in double layer of aluminum foil, then place in refrigerator for at least four hours or overnight. To make a pressed sandwich, place between two hard cutting boards, then place a heavy weight like a cast-iron skillet on top to flatten sandwich, then refrigerate and let rest under the weight for at least 4 hours and up to overnight


When ready to eat, slice sandwich into four pieces through paper or foil with a bread knife, unwrap and serve.

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