Ole Miss Food Bank Seeing High Demand

by JB Clark OXFORD, Miss. – Just because the Ole Miss Food Bank's doors are closed doesn't mean that food isn't being distributed at the University of Mississippi. Last week, students took home more than 930 pounds of food, an amount comparable to a semester's worth of food distribution under normal conditions. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Food Bank is officially closed to shoppers, but volunteers are preparing grab-and-go bags to leave in the second-floor hallway of Kinard Hall, outside the Food Bank's doors. "We're trying to maintain access to the food bank as much as possible while still creating a safe and healthy environment," said Kate Forster, director of advocacy for UMatte

Robert St. John and Wyatt Waters Tour Rome in New Season of 'Palate to Palette'

Mississippi favorites (from left) Robert St. John and Wyatt Waters tour Rome in the new season of “Palate to Palette” airing  at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays, April through May, on MPB Television. JACKSON, Miss. – Chef Robert St. John and artist Wyatt Waters continue to follow their passion for cooking and painting in season five of “Palate to Palette.” This time, their creative journey takes them to the Eternal City: Rome. New episodes air at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays starting April 2 on Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) Television. If you happen to miss the show—or enjoy the episode so much you want to watch it again—encore presentations air at 10 p.m. Wednesdays. For on demand viewing, visit the

You Can Still Get Your 'Saltine Fix' Via Pick-up

Nashville hot chicken is coated in hot sauce, then fried and topped with chopped pickles and black pepper ranch and served on white Bunny bread. During these trying times, it’s important to focus on positive things that make us happy and if possible, include a good meal. A place that meets this criteria–and by the way, is still offering limited contact, take-out meals for one person or in family-to-go sizes–is Saltine in Jackson’s historic Fondren neighborhood. Like most of the state’s restaurants, curbside pick-up service is the only way to enjoy a Saltine meal during the current healthcare crisis. But when life returns to normal, I encourage you to visit and enjoy a leisurely meal in Salti

Let's Talk About Bordeaux

With temperatures somewhat chilly as the winter season comes to an agonizingly slow end, there’s still time to haul out some of the older red wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy that you hopefully laid away 10 or so years ago. If you weren’t able to set aside some treasures, you may be able to find older vintages in finer wine shops. If neither of these tactics works then we have some suggestions on currently available vintages to drink now or later. In this column, we’ll talk about Bordeaux and follow up on the red wines of Burgundy in a subsequent column. Red Bordeaux wines are by reputation wines that can be reliably aged in proper, temperature-controlled conditions over 10- to 20-year perio

Easy Meals to Cook from Frozen Foods

As cases of COVID-19 grow around the country, many families are practicing social distancing to protect themselves and others. This likely means people will be making fewer trips to the grocery store, cooking at home and using their freezers. Natasha Haynes, a family and consumer science agent with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said freezing meats and other items is a great way to keep a supply of perishable foods on hand. However, she reminds people to follow U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for safe thawing when it comes time to use the items. “Don’t thaw meats and poultry on the counter or in hot water,” said Haynes, who is also host of The Food Factor, a di

MSU Extension Creates 14-day Shopping and Meal Plan in Response to COVID-19 Concerns

Many people are choosing to isolate themselves and their families at home during the threat of COVID-19. Doing so presents a new challenge of planning and serving meals every single day. The Mississippi State University Extension Service has created a 14-day shopping and meal plan guide to help navigate this challenge. Click here to download the free guide.

Vicksburg attractions and restaurants like Walnut Hills offer memorable in-state trip

First, let me say…I understand your pain. From families looking forward to spring break to retirees planning the next adventure and everyone in between are disappointed about travel bans imposed by the threat of COVID-19. Before mourning our fate, though, here’s a cheerful thought. Mississippi has plenty of interesting places to visit for day trips, overnighters, or week-long trips. Attractions and interesting places abound all over our state. Even better, Mississippi is blessed with thousands of restaurants ranging from family-owned diners to fine-dining establishments. Over the next few weeks, I’ll highlight a few of the places right here at home that combine good food with plenty to see a

La Crema Pinot Noir Always a Good Value

If you’ve been to Burgundy, you know the euphoria you feel standing outside an iconic grand cru vineyard like La Tache or Romanee-Conti. You wonder how one row of vines can produce some of the most expensive and extraordinary wine in the world while a row right next to it is just a premier cru. Such is the mysterious aura of Burgundy, the indisputable epicenter for pinot noir -- a grape that like no other expresses the soil from which it grows. Jen Walsh stood beside those same vineyards and remembers the goosebumps. “It was like going to church or on a pilgrimage,” she recalled. Walsh made her first pinot noir for Elk Run Vineyards in Mt. Airy, Md., then headed to Volnay to see how the Burg

Vivian Howard Visits Mississippi in 'Dumpling Dilemma' episode of 'Somewhere South'

ARLINGTON, Va. — Celebrity chef, author, and restaurateur Vivian Howard, who previously hosted the award-winning series "A Chef's Life," returns to PBS in a new six-part series, "Somewhere South." A culinary tour exploring the dishes that are uniting cultures and creating new traditions across the American South, "Somewhere South" premieres Fridays, March 27-May 1, 8-9 p.m. CST (check local listings) on PBS,, and the PBS Video App. With "Somewhere South," Howard serves as both student and guide, exploring cross-cultural dishes through the professional and personal relationships she has with Southerners of many backgrounds. Each episode examines the connectivity of a single dish — fr

Sampling a Zip Burger at This Old-school Cafe Is a Fun Experience

Anytime someone learns I hail from the southern region of the state, I receive the invariable questions of “Have you ever been to Zip’s?” followed by, “Are the Zip burgers really that good?” And my requisite answer? “Yes and yes.” I’ve eaten at Zip’s Cafe in Magee several times and yes, the burgers are pretty amazing. Served with a side of “secret recipe” Zip’s sauce, it’s a meal worthy of a detour off U.S. 49. You’ll encounter a large group of locals, but this fact makes stopping in at this 57-year-old family-owned restaurant even more fun as you eavesdrop on conversations centered on local families, politics, and everything in between. There aren’t many family-owned restaurants left, but t

Tariff Increase on European Union Wines Postponed

If you, like us, are looking forward to those exquisite, thirst-quenching rosés from southern France this spring, we just dodged a bullet. A potential increase in the current tariff on European Union wines from 25% to 100% was postponed in late January by the Trump administration. The beef between the European Union and the U.S. is based on what the U.S. believes -- and the World Trade Organization confirmed -- are unfair trade practices involving EU subsidies for the Airbus airplane manufacturer. In October, the U.S. initiated a 25% tariff on some European food and wine, including single-malt scotches, olive oil, cheese, and wine with less than 14% alcohol. So far, consumers have seen only

Cathead Jam Takes a Year Off for Distillery Expansions

JACKSON, Miss. – Cathead Distillery announced today its plans to postpone Cathead Jam, a two-day annual celebration of music and culture hosted at the distillery in downtown Jackson. Originally scheduled for Friday, May 29, and Saturday, May 30, the team ultimately made the decision to take the year off, as the distillery will be undergoing some exciting expansions and ongoing construction during that time. The Distillery, which is celebrating 10 years in business this year, is excited to continue the brand’s growth with the commissioning of two new stills this spring/summer. An important step for the distillery’s progress to increase production and make way for new products, the project is

Mississippians Named Semifinalists for James Beard Awards

NEW YORK, N.Y. - The James Beard Foundation (JBF) recently announce the 2020 Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalists. The final Restaurant and Chef Award nominees, as well as the nominees for Media and Restaurant Design Awards, will be announced in Philadelphia on Wednesday, March 25. The nominee announcement will begin at 9:00 a.m. ET and will be streamed live. Nominees will also be announced in real time via JBF's Twitter feed. Mississippi native Ann Cashion, of Johnny's Half Shell, Washington, D.C., has been named a semifinalist in the Outstanding Chef category. Austin Evans and Richard Patrick Jr., of Cathead Distillery, Jackson, have been named semifinalists in the Outstanding Wine, Spi

Hokkaido Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar Offers the Best of Food and Entertainment

Hokkaido Hibachi Grill & Sushi Bar in Madison demonstrates an understanding of a key component of dining: You feast with your eyes first. The Japanese restaurant chain Benihana introduced hibachi-grill cooking into the mainstream in the early 1960s. The cooking style combines exotic Japanese dishes with a dazzling performance by the chefs. Madison’s Japanese restaurant has taken the best of its native customs and combined them with fresh ingredients and seafood to create a true dining experience. Hokkaido employs chefs who have worked in Japanese restaurants for years and know a thing or two about sushi, hibachi-grill cooking, and how to entertain guests. The dining room at Hokkaido is nicel

Looking Back: Mississippi Was Last State to Repeal Prohibition

Centennial anniversaries in this country are usually marked by parades, political speeches, massive publicity, and celebrations. But you probably didn’t see any of that for January’s 100-year anniversary of the start of Prohibition. Perhaps it was a mistake that we’d like to forget. The 18th amendment was ratified in 1919, but the sales of “intoxicating liquors” began on Jan. 16, 1920. In 1933, it was repealed by the 21st amendment – the only time in history an amendment was fully repealed. The wine industry is much to blame for this dark chapter in U.S. history. In the early 20th century, Italian immigrants were focused on making high-alcohol, fortified plonk that delivered a cheap buzz. Wi


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