These Pizzas Are All Super Bowl LIII Worthy

Super Bowl LIII, the biggest football game of the year, will be played this Sunday in Atlanta. In case you didn’t know, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food consumption day of the year, trailing slightly behind Thanksgiving. Besides millions of chicken wings, analysts say Americans will purchase 12.5 million pizzas to nibble on next Sunday. To help find the perfect pizza for your football-viewing feast, here’s some good news: pizza exists beyond the boxed variety in the supermarket freezer case. In recent years, unique pizzerias have sprung up across Mississippi. Gourmet pizzas have even been added to numerous restaurants’ menus. Despite their different locales and styles, most follo

Dabble in the World of Petite Sirah

Our dalliance with petite sirah goes far back but rarely has it earned a spot in our cellars. It’s not that the wine can’t endure time as gracefully as Bordeaux; it’s just that the grape variety isn’t up the priority ladder with cabernet sauvignon. However, we took an opportunity to taste through a bunch of California petite sirahs and decided that these wines deserve more respect. The grape variety originated in France where durif, a cross between syrah and peloursin, was created to make a new, disease-resistent petite sirah. It was imported to the United States in the mid-19th century where it became one of the most widely planted grapes. It fell from favor in California with the growth of

Food Factor: How to Make Flavored Vinegar

I’m always interested in ways to add flavor to food without adding fat. I like to experiment with herbs, and I recently discovered flavored vinegar. Did you know you can make your own? Flavored vinegars are delicious when added to marinades and salad dressings, or they can be used to jazz up pasta or vegetables. You can use flavored vinegar in any recipe that calls for plain vinegar. One major concern for making flavored vinegar at home is food safety. It’s very important to use sterilized jars, lids, and caps. Our friends at Colorado State University Extension have an awesome publication that takes you step-by-step through the process. It also includes some recipes. If you’re interested in

Indulge on National Pie Day

Whether it's a sweet pecan pie or a savory heirloom tomato pie, nothing beats a heaping slice of pie. Celebrate National Pie Day with a delicious pie creation! Heirloom Tomato and Cheese Pie Mama's Famous From-Scratch Chocolate Pudding Pie Lemon Ice Box Pie Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie Favorite Strawberry Pie Chess Pie

Lee's Coffee & Tea in Laurel Serves Great Food, Too

Every now and then, you discover a hidden gem that combines good food with ambiance and a touch of modern conveniences. A couple of years ago, Kathy, my college roommate and a Laurel resident, invited me to lunch at Lee’s Coffee and Tea in the heart of downtown. I was a little irritated as I drove around historic buildings over Laurel’s narrow brick streets struggling to find a vacant parking space outside Oak Street Place. It was obvious something was going on in the centuries-old building, formerly a Sears store, based on the number of cars. My irritation evaporated as I pushed open the heavy glass doors of Lee’s on the ground floor of the impressive brick building and was hit with the

All of Your Wine Questions Answered

It seems like the internet is loaded with crazy ideas of how to make something better. Rub warts with garlic to remove them. Use newspaper to clean your glasses. Put butter on burns. Use hairspray to clean ink stains. Eat chocolate to improve your sex life. You got a problem, there’s a cure in your cupboard. Wine has its cures, too. We hear them in what we call the “Is-it-true questions.” Here are a few we recently heard at just one public tasting we moderated: Is it true that a raisin will restore the bubbles to a sparkling wine that has gone flat? The web is loaded with references to this science trick – it was even demonstrated on the “Today” show. But responsible publications have sort

Best of Jackson: Sports Bars

If you're looking for pizza, beer, wings, nachos, or any other bar food to munch on this weekend, check our some our favorite sports bars in Jackson on this week's Sipp Jackson post!

Collards Gain Medallion Award, Thrive in State

Collards, such as these tiger collards, are best grown in Mississippi from fall through spring. They thrive in cooler weather and make great additions to meals. (Photo by Ball Horticultural Company) If there’s one vegetable that could be considered the ultimate home-grown vegetable in Mississippi, it has to be collards. Collards were chosen as a 2019 Mississippi Medallion winner because they are considered absolutely necessary for true Southern cuisine. As a bonus, they’re really easy for home gardeners to grow. Collard greens, known botanically as Brassica oleracea, are multipurpose vegetables for Mississippi gardens. We grow our best collards in the fall, through winter and into spring. Th

Girl Scout Cookie Season is Here

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has launched the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie season, celebrating the largest financial investment in girls annually in the United States and a powerful entrepreneurship incubator for the next generation of female leaders. At a time when girls’ needs and issues collect fewer than eight cents of every dollar granted by philanthropic foundations in the country, each and every Girl Scout Cookie purchase is key to supporting the change-makers of today and tomorrow. Research shows that female-founded start-ups generate more revenue over time and per dollar than male-founded start-ups, but only 17 percent of start-ups are female-founded. Given that over half (53 percent) o

Second Annual Pontotoc Food Fight Set for June

PONTOTOC, MISSISSIPPI - B.O.N.D. Small Business Group is excited to announce the theme for their second annual Pontotoc Food Fight. The Pontotoc Food Fight 2019 will be taking on cakes once again, but this year's theme is "The World Of Candy." The Pontotoc Food Fight will consist of five professional bakers and five home bakers going head-to-head to see which baker can create the best candy-themed cake. "We are so excited to host The Food Fight again this year," B.O.N.D. CEO Jessica Starks remarked. "This event is an excellent way to promote local culinary talent and give the community something positive." Bakers have the chance to win in three categories: Fan Favorite, Best Dressed Cake, an

Beau's BR Prime is One of Our Culinary Crown Jewels

I absolutely hate to play favorites among Gulf Coast restaurants. I love them all, ranging from small, family-owned poboy places tucked away on back streets to boisterous eateries on the beachfront to fine dining destinations from one end of the Coast to the other. However, I'm focusing today on one securely in the latter category, BR Prime. Located inside the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, it’s one of Mississippi’s crown jewels in terms of location, ambiance, personal service, and outstanding food. If you only experience it once in your lifetime, it’s a meal you’ll never forget. First, it's notable to mention that BR Prime is nationally-recognized. Awards include AAA Four Diamond, Wine Spectator Aw

Deuce McAllister Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap Opens in Boomtown Casino Biloxi

BILOXI, Miss - Sports fans rejoice! Biloxi is now home to the second Deuce McAllister Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap location, a restaurant concept from Ballard Brands and Ole Miss and New Orleans Saints alum Deuce McAllister. Ole Saint is family-friendly and will feature southern coastal cuisine for lunch and dinner, as well as a full-service bar with 24 craft beers on tap, many of which are local to the Gulf Coast region. Customers will also enjoy endless sports coverage on 40 flat screen TVs, as well as being able to place wagers at The Sportsbook at Boomtown, next door to Ole Saint. The restaurant, located at 676 Bayview Avenue within Boomtown Casino Biloxi, can seat 200 people in its 3,800-squ

Try Something New to Drink This Winter

It’s always amazing to us how weather can influence our choice of beverages. Summer heat prompts rosés and sauvignon blancs. Fall calls for zinfandel and Spanish reds. Winter? Big, complex cabernets – or something different, like cognac or port. Today, we offer you a diversion from your usual winter fare. COGNAC Cognac, representing less than a percent of the world’s spirits consumption, is an afterthought to many of today’s spirits enthusiasts. Maybe cognac shares the same stuffy, vague image that plagues port. Traditionally, cognac was a solo performer, consumed neat in a glass snifter at the end of a sit-down meal. You probably have seen images of this in vintage movies. Millennials, who

Food Factor: How to Get More Vegetables In Your Diet

We all know we need to eat more vegetables, but finding ways to include them in our busy lives can be a challenge. It’s easy to get in a rut and eat the same vegetables year-round, but you may find some tasty options if you try something new! Check out this amazing list of vegetables, and challenge yourself to experiment with a new vegetable every month! We used to talk about how many servings of different foods we need to eat each day. But that amount varies depending on your age, sex, and how much exercise you get. This chart explains how many cups of vegetables you should include in your daily meals. You can also look up serving sizes for different vegetables! Best of all, vegetables have

Get Your BBQ Fix at Pig and Pint

Whether you enjoy ribs, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, or anything in between, Pig and Pint in Fondren has you covered. Check out this week's Sipp Jackson post that features Pig and Pint and all their delicious BBQ dishes.

Ed's Burger Joint in Hattiesburg is Worth a Visit

Forget Mississippi's status as the chicken capital and consider this startling fact: Americans consume close to 50 billion hamburgers a year, or roughly three burgers a week for every person in the U.S. There’s even a Hamburger Hall of Fame in Seymour, Wisconsin. There, America’s beloved meat patties encased in golden buns are paid proper homage. To help satisfy Mississippians' burger cravings, Ed’s Burger Joint in Hattiesburg began serving unique and, in some cases, gourmet burgers in 2016. Ed’s is doing its part to satisfy burger lovers in south Mississippi and more than a few area visitors. The brainchild of Hattiesburg restaurateur Robert St. John, Ed’s was added to the Hardy Street line

Four Food-Safety Resolutions for the New Year

If you are tired of New Year’s resolutions, let me ease your mind: these four tips are really fast, easy habits that will help you stay healthy. If you’ve got 20 seconds, you’ve got time for at least one resolution! That’s right, 20 seconds of hand washing reduces your chances of getting sick or spreading germs to others. Simply hum the Happy Birthday song twice. (You might want to hum to yourself if you don’t want people to stare at you.) Need a step-by-step guide? Here’s a poster from the Centers for Disease Control. Read more about the science behind the recommendations for hand washing if you really want some motivation. To learn more about all four resolutions, visit

Forget the Resolution; Have a Glass of Wine

As we begin a new year, many of us are beginning a dark journey into a challenging diet regimen while others are vowing to organize a closet or – look out – the garage. It is the follof resolutions we repeat year after year because we are goaded into making promises to ourselves that are routinely ignored in a few weeks. Remember that one about being open to eating broccoli? Right. January is resolution month; February is procrastination month. Cut to the chase and focus on wine. We all can get into resolving to find a unique wine, right? Who couldn’t succeed at that? It’s fun, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and – best of all – you don’t have to sacrifice anything, except maybe the

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