Old-School Christmas Recipes Still Translate to Memorable Meal

As Christmas approaches this week, cookbooks are being brought out, and tried-and-true recipes are being tested by everyone from home cooks expecting a table full of family and friends to trained restaurant chefs. Based on the interviews I’ve conducted with cooks of all skill levels, this week is not the time to try something new and complicated. Sticking with the basics to insure there are no mishaps just prior to hosting a group for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day meals is the preferred plan of all. But just because you want a foolproof meal shouldn’t stop you from reminiscing a little about Christmas meals and traditions of the past. This past weekend, I stopped by a friend’s house and she

It's the Perfect Time of Year to Pop a Bottle of Champagne

We were puzzled when a woman recently asked if a raisin could restore the bubbles to a flat champagne. Her friends were laughing at her – so were we until we found a reference to the odd remedy on a couple of websites. A raisin dropped into a glass of flat champagne will produce bubbles because what little is left of carbon dioxide will bounce off the ridges of a wrinkled raisin. Of course, we tried it ourselves and concluded that once a dead champagne, always a dead champagne. The solution, as we advised the woman and her humored friends, is to drink the champagne before it goes flat. Duh. The thought of restoring bubbles in champagne would horrify the Benedictine monks in Champagne who tri

Keeping Your Health on Track During the Indulgent Holiday Season

The holiday season can be an indulgent one, full of cookies, candies, heavy meals and eggnog. While no one wants to rein in the fun during the merriest time of year, there are simple ways to keep your health on track during this indulgent holiday season. Stick to Routines. To the best of your ability during this hectic time of year, attempt to stick to routines that promote wellness. Set a bedtime and honor it. Hit the gym. Meditate. Do whatever it is that keeps you grounded and feeling your best. Drink Up. Many people associate dehydration with the warmer months, but in winter weather, it can be especially easy to forget to stay well-hydrated, especially when you’re indulging in alcoholic b

Food Factor: How to Make Spiced Cider

Nothing warms me up on a cold day like a cup of hot spiced cider! Plus, when I make it from scratch instead of a packet, my entire house smells like the holidays. The whole spices can be expensive, but they are strong, so they go a long way. If you’re not familiar with the spice mace, it tastes similar to nutmeg but is considered milder in flavor. The nice thing about making your own spiced cider is that you can control the amount of sugar you add, or you can leave it naturally sweetened! If you want a healthy alternative to sugar-laden coffee drinks or cocoas, give this hot spiced cider a try. You may notice “mace” as an optional ingredient. Mace is made from a webbing that covers the “nut”

Best of Jackson: Historic Restaurants

Our city is rich in history, and that even includes restaurants. Some of these places have been around for as long as anyone can recall, and they remain Jackson staples today. Check out some of our favorite historic restaurants on this week's Sipp' Jackson blog post.

Seven Christmas Cakes is Second Best Christmas Story

Besides the Bible's version, one of my favorite Christmas stories is the Guideposts magazine article of the seven delicious Christmas cakes. The writer's depression-era great-grandmother refused to let her children experience a dismal Christmas without presents. She began stocking up on baking ingredients in January, squirreling away a little flour and cinnamon here, a cup of nuts there, to make seven cakes. Apple, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, peanut butter, raisin, and green velvet were the ones mentioned in the article. Of course, it’s killing me not knowing the flavors of the other two cakes. Anyway, by the time Christmas Eve arrived, she was ready for an all-night baking session.

The Price is Right On Top-Selling Reds

Sometimes, we worry about the wine industry. When we started writing a column in the mid 1980s, there were a lot of family owned wineries – small, dedicated operations that were absorbed by conglomerates such as Gallo, Kendall-Jackson, and Constellation. Exceptional producers who crafted such great wines – Inglenook, Franciscan, Charles Krug – are either gone or shadows of their former selves. The “so what” of this metamorphosis is a homogenization of wine styles. Chardonnays, merlots, cabernet sauvignons taste the same – well-made but hardly crafted without regard to profit. Worse among the trend is the rapid growth of producers who own no vineyards or wine-making facilities. They buy their

Save the Date for the 14th Annual Santé South Wine Festival, Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 Santé South Wine Festival, set to take place on April 6, 2019, at Renaissance at Colony Park. Founded by Norm Rush of Beaumad & Associates, Santé South Wine Festival Benefits Alzheimer's Mississippi in partnership with Visit Ridgeland and the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival. Since 2006, Santé South has grown into the largest wine and culinary extravaganza in the state of Mississippi. It has become a signature event for the capital city of Jackson and Mississippi's top luxury food and wine experience, and it has generated more than $650,000 in proceeds for Alzheimer's Mississippi. Boutique vintners from across the globe travel to Mississippi to present their

Newk's Eatery Raises More Than $250,000 to Battle Ovarian Cancer

JACKSON, Miss. - Celebrating its fifth year fighting for women battling ovarian cancer, Newk's Cares - the ovarian cancer awareness movement spearheaded by Newk's Eatery - raised over $258,000 for research of the disease. Newk's is passionate about its philanthropy, with a goal to improve the rate of early diagnosis by promoting early detection through symptom awareness and funding research - more than $970,000 for Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance - the largest global organization dedicated to advancing ovarian cancer research. During the month of September, Newk's Eatery's iconic collectible cups turned teal, the color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Guests were able to donate in support of ov

Best Place For a Sandwich? Try This Place

Hungry for a taste of New York-style deli food courtesy of a towering Reuben sandwich filled with classic ingredients inside a dark rye bun? Maybe a bowl of gourmet mac and cheese loaded with brisket or “sweet and sassy” sliders so delicious you can’t eat just two are to your liking. Unbelievably, a restaurant with the word “deli” at the end of its name can adequately quell all three sets of cravings. With locations in Flowood and Madison, Schlotzsky’s Deli is not your average, run-of-the-mill deli offering boring sandwiches and ho-hum salads. When the first Jackson-area location opened in Flowood years ago, I was a frequent customer, and while I loved everything on the menu, always gravitat

Indulge In a Fine Wine This Holiday Season

The late actress Elizabeth Taylor once said, “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues.” Elizabeth Taylor was never known for her poignant observations – other than this one – but she was certainly known for her indulgences. Just look at her jewelry. For some, indulgence is having the latest technology; for others, it is an aged scotch or rare bourbon. So, let us make a case for indulging in an expensive wine for the holiday season. Perhaps it’s a gift for someone hard to impress or maybe it’s just a beverage to enjoy over a romantic dinner. But this is a special time of the year to celebrate and fee

Shrimp Basket to Open in Ridgeland

RIDGELAND, Miss. – Shrimp Basket announced the opening of its newest restaurant in Ridgeland, marking the company's third location in the state and 30th restaurant company wide. Located at 836 E County Line Road, the restaurant is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m Friday and Saturday. "We are excited to continue expanding throughout Mississippi and offer another location for guests and families to enjoy our signature Gulf Coast meals," said Caitlin Lucas, Director of Marketing at Shrimp Basket. Whether guests are looking for a fried seafood basket, all-you-can-eat specials or a sweet southern dessert, Shrimp Basket has a wide variety

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