Give Honey Credit, But Not Too Much

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Many people appreciate its flavor and soothing affects, but honey may receive more credit than it deserves. Since ancient times, people have tried to use honey for medicinal purposes. Even today, people hope it will manage allergies, weight or diabetes. However, the use of honey just might not be as powerful as some believe. Mississippi State University Extension Service health specialist David Buys identified some common misconceptions about honey. He said honey is a natural product that appeals to a lot of people who are looking for a simple and easy fix to their health problems. Honey certainly has positives aspects, such as antiseptic properties, but it is not a medic

National Chocolate Day Calls For Celebration

It's National Chocolate Day - what could be better?? Celebrate the day with one of these chocolatey treats! Chocolate Chip Cookies from Scratch Homemade German Chocolate Pudding Coconut Hot Chocolate Chocolate Cheesecake Candy Cane Bars Very Best Fudge

Triplett-Day Drug Co.: Go For the Beignets, Experience Much More

“Beignet enthusiasts usually make a beeline for New Orleans, but they’d be wise to cross the Mississippi border for these extra-fluffy numbers.” No, that’s not my biased promotion of one of our state’s oldest treasures, Triplett-Day Drug Co. in Gulfport. The description came straight from Food Network Magazine’s article, 50 States, 50 Breakfasts. This Gulf Coast landmark was named the best place to enjoy breakfast in Mississippi a few years ago, and I’d be willing to bet it would still earn the ranking or be in the top 10 of best breakfasts in the state. If you’re like me, you’ve driven by the drugstore located at the corn of 14th Street and U.S. 49 in downtown Gulfport a million times on yo

Give the Gift of Wine This Holiday Season

Now that the holiday shopping season is officially under way, it’s time to consider a gift for the person who seems to have everything except a 200-foot yacht. Buying wine for a serious wine collector is a daunting task if you know little about wine. A sales staff can steer you to a prestigious wine, or you can read columns like ours. Next week, we will provide some recommendations for those expensive wines, but this week we strike for something different. Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin ($43). Jeff Duckhorn of Graton Distributing Co. uses five year old zinfandel barrels to age this craft gin. The barrels add spice to local California botanicals, including lemon, and give the gin a unique golden col

Food Factor: Homemade Honey-Cranberry Granola Bars

Making my own snacks gives me complete control over the ingredients. I love to use local honey in this recipe for homemade granola bars, which are lower in calories than most store-bought options, and are high in fiber. And the cranberries give this snack that sweet-tart combination I enjoy. This was a new recipe for me, and to be completely honest, if I made these again, I would need to tweak the recipe a little as they turned out to be pretty crumbly. I also lined my pan with parchment paper. Thanks to our friends at North Dakota State University Extension Service for this printable recipe. Honey-Cranberry Granola Bars 1/2 cup honey 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons brown sugar, packed 1 tabl

Another Broken Egg Puts a Delicious Spin on Breakfast

“We really need a good breakfast place.” You often hear this statement from those who enjoy dining out and want to begin their day with food prepared by someone else. Thankfully, there are many options for early-in-the-day dining. Another Broken Egg is one of them. Next week, I’ll feature one on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that you’ve probably passed a million times as you’ve made your way down U.S. 49 but never known the hidden gem is a wonderful breakfast spot. In New Orleans, brunch often includes champagne and jazz. Elaborate brunch dishes like Eggs Benedict, omelets, and French toast take more effort to prepare, making them most appropriate for lazy weekends or special occasions. Therefo

Red Blends Are Flavorful and Won't Break the Bank

Less than a decade ago, you didn’t hear about red blends. Sure, red grape varieties have been blended by European winemakers for centuries, but producers were limited by law to specific varieties. Bordeaux, for instance, is limited to five varieties; Rhone has 13. For years, U.S. wine producers emulated European standards in hopes of achieving equal acclaim and even invented the term “meritage” to identify blends made with the five Bordeaux grape varieties. However, with the success of several conglomerates like E&J Gallo with its hot seller Apothic Red and Trinchero with its Menage a Trois, the gloves have come off. Syrah, zinfandel, tannat, tempranillo, alicante bouschet and more are shari

Make This Thanksgiving Flavorful

It's finally time for everyone to gather 'round the table, share what they're thankful for, and then devour delicious comfort food. It's no secret that food is everyone's favorite part of Thanksgiving, so make sure to make this year's Thanksgiving spread the best yet with some of these delicious recipes. Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole Cranberry Orange Butter Soft Fluffy Yeast Rolls Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta Paula Deen's Corn Casserole

Pecan Yields Decline, Future Looks Promising

Craig Schmidt of Macon examines pecans after cracking on Nov. 1, 2018. Schmidt recently purchased equipment from Peeples Pecans in Starkville and is just starting his first season of cracking, shelling and blowing pecans for the public. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Linda Breazeale) STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Mississippi’s pecan yields will be down from last year, but the future looks promising. Mississippi Pecan Growers Association President Max Draughn of Raymond explained that pecan yields alternate from year to year. “We had a strong year in 2017, so we would expect this year to be down. We may be down about 40 percent,” Draughn said. “Trees in the northern counties, mainly in the Delta, los

New Menu at Beau Rivage’s Jia Goes Beyond Noodles and Sushi, Brings In Brilliant Flavor

BILOXI, Miss. – Innovative, creative, and artful cuisine is in the limelight at Beau Rivage Resort & Casino as Jia unveils its new menu featuring a Latin-Asian fusion concept. Long-known for its exquisite Pan-Asian cuisine, Jia and MGM Resorts International take diners on a new adventure for the appetite incorporating new flavors and textures to its AAA Four-Diamond menu. Highlighting the revamped menu are six Nikkei dishes, a culinary genre that is going from humble to high profile worldwide where innovative food is matched by dramatic design and presentation. Nikkei combines Japanese techniques and ingredients with the exotic flavors of Latin America. Refined elements of Japanese cuisine

Then vs. Now: Farming in America

The way we farm in America is constantly changing and advancing. America’s population has increased by almost 882% from 1860 to 2010. Interestingly enough, the number of farms in the United States has only increased by 7% during the same time. Today’s farms, however, are much larger than those of the past and rely on modern technology to feed a growing population. In 1940, one farmer fed just 19 people. In less than a century, the number of people being fed by one farmer has increased to 165. This change is especially shocking considering that today only 2% of Americans are employed on farms, while 200 years ago, 90 percent of the U.S. population lived on farms. With an ever-increasing popul

Fall is the Perfect Time to Experience 10 South

Outdoor dining in Mississippi is risky business for six months of the year. There’s the heat, humidity, and yes, pesky insects to worry about. However, now is the perfect time to select a restaurant for its ability to deliver al fresco meals in a picturesque setting. It really doesn’t get any better than dining with birds-eye view of the Mississippi River at sunset. This experience can be yours – and believe me, it qualifies as a memorable experience – at Vicksburg’s 10 South Rooftop Bar and Grill. Constructed on the top floor of the old First National Bank building on Washington Street, 10 South offers indoor seating as well as outdoor tables serving up a panoramic view of the River City. I

Find the Perfect Wine to Go With Your Thanksgiving Meal

Next week, families from around the country will be gathering around the table for a tradition that we hope never dies. An activity we joined as children is now an activity we lead as adults – and it never stales. However easy it would be to contract the work to a third party, doing so would rob us of the joy we take in cooking for family and friends. For more than 30 years we have been advising readers what to drink on Thanksgiving. While our cohorts come up with new twists that involve unusual grape varieties, we stick to the advice that always works for us. Other than cabernet sauvignon, almost any wine marries well with the traditional turkey dinner. And, to satisfy all palates, we put r

Join United Way of North Central Mississippi at Jive Turkey Jam

On Thanksgiving week, United Way of North Central Mississippi is grateful for the Jive Turkey Jam, an event dedicated to spreading good cheer and helping our “United We Feed” program in stocking the shelves of needy families in a four-county area. The Jive Turkey Jam will be presented at Hobie’s on Main in downtown Starkville on November 23th and will start at 7:30 in the evening. Event coordinators who have made this event possible are MSU Outreach Director of Business Research and musician Jeffrey Rupp and Hobie Hobart, owner of Hobie’s on Main. This lively event will feature musicians such as Jonny Hollis of Jonny Hollis Music, Jeffrey Rupp, Dawn Barham, Jim Beaty, Jerry Carnathan, Drew D

Food Factor: Breakfast Burritos

I’m always looking for ways to make healthy eating easier! This recipe for breakfast burritos makes eight tasty treats you can easily freeze for a low-cost, protein-filled breakfast on the go! You can find a printable version of this recipe for breakfast burritos from our friends at Iowa State Extension and Outreach. This is a great recipe to adapt to your personal tastes. Try adding some chopped fresh spinach as you cook the eggs. Swap Monterey Jack cheese for the cheddar. Spread a layer of refried beans on the tortilla before you roll it up. Or if you really like spicy food, cook up some chorizo or other sausage and add it to the cooked eggs. Whole grain tortillas are tasty, too! What’s yo

Hotel Indigo and Brass Hat Midtown Grand Opening Set for November 7th

HATTIESBURG, Miss. – The public is invited to attend the official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the Hotel Indigo®-Hattiesburg and Brass Hat Midtown on Wednesday, November 7th, from 4 to 6 p.m. The ceremony will take place on-site at 103 South 30th Avenue. Brass Hat Midtown, a new restaurant/bar located within the Hotel Indigo®-Hattiesburg hotel, features chef-driven small plates, handcrafted cocktails, and a well-curated wine list. Part of the first and only Hotel Indigo® in Mississippi, the restaurant brings a modern setting that pays homage to the city's distinctive railroad heritage. Each Hotel Indigo® property is uniquely designed to reflect the culture, character, and his

It's Fall, Y'all – Time to Start Cooking Again

The days are shorter and fall’s officially here. That means one thing: time to start cooking again. Yes, you can do it – after six months of hot weather filled with sandwiches, salads, and defrosted meals, a little cooking is in order. Favorite fall foods and beverages on my can’t-wait-to-enjoy-again list are bowls of chunky chili topped with sour cream, steaming cups of hot apple cider, bowls of seafood gumbo and jambalaya with crunchy French bread, hearty comfort meal suppers of chicken tortilla soup and sweet treats of coconut and pecan pound cake; cinnamon muffins and apple tarts and strudels. If you’re gotten spoiled with summer’s easy meals, try dishes so easy to prepare they’ve been g

Daniel Cohn Has Created a Wine Empire

Daniel Cohn was on his second espresso at 9 a.m., his legs restlessly bouncing like an anxious teen on his first date. He will drink six more before noon just to sustain a boundless energy that will get him through a grueling schedule of 14 account visits before sundown. “I try to keep it under 20 espressos a day,” he quips. He’s not joking. Cohn is the genius behind Bellacosa, perhaps the best $25 cabernet sauvignon on the market today and one that has sparked a wave of reviews, awards, and magazine splashes in just a couple of years. His first vintage of 25,000 cases sold out in 10 months. Cohn’s success is due in part to a business-based model: “the wine has to look like it is in a $100 b

Celebrate National Sandwich Day

Everyone loves a good sandwich whether it's a grilled cheese of some sort or a cold-cut stacked with deli meat. Check out some of these delicious sandwiches to celebrate National Sandwich Day on November 3rd! Pimento Cheese and Fried Green Tomato Sandwich Triple Onion Slow Cooker Shredded Venison Sandwiches Nashville Hot Chicken Meatball Sandwich Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

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